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Tree Reduction Essex

How to Choose the Right Tree Surgeon

9th August 2019, Tips

How do you choose the right tree surgeon? Let’s take a look at all the things you should consider when making your selection so that you can be sure your tree will be in the best of hands, and you’ll be getting the very best value service.

Tree wounds

How to Treat and Prevent Tree Wounds

17th July 2019, Advice

If your tree has been wounded, you will naturally want to help along its healing process. Here our experts take a look at the best ways to treat – and prevent – tree wounds from all types of causes.

Cedar Tree

How to Care for your Cedar Tree

16th February 2019, Tips

It’s a beautiful, eye catching tree, but the cedar really does need a good amount of attention, and there are certain rules to follow when pruning. Read on for the advice you need to take care of your cedar tree.

Silver birch pruning

How to Prune a Silver Birch Tree

22nd January 2019, Tips

When pruning a silver birch tree it is important to follow the right procedure, and it’s essential to get the timing right too. Here we share the lowdown on how to prune a silver birch tree to achieve the best possible results.

A plum tree

How to Prune a Plum Tree

15th December 2018, Tips

Pruning a plum tree is an important task, and it’s essential to follow the right methods and to get the timing right too. Here we look at how to prune a plum tree for the best possible results.

Autumn trees

Why do trees change colour and lose their leaves in autumn?

17th November 2018, Advice

We are all familiar with the changing colours of autumn, but just what is it that causes our trees to transform from green to yellow, russet, pink, purple, red and bronze? The science behind autumn leaves is precisely what we’re taking a look at in this post.

Tree work

The Law on Trees and Tree Work

9th June 2018, Advice

Did you know there are numerous laws governing what can and can’t be done in the way of tree work? The time of year, the tree’s location, the notability of the tree and the title deeds of a piece of land can all have an impact on whether work can go ahead and the extent of work which is allowed.

Prune a sessile oak

When is the Best Time to Prune a Sessile Oak Tree?

9th April 2018, Tips

The sessile oak tree is a UK native species of oak identified by its stalk-free acorns. The naturally broad and open canopy allows wildflowers to thrive beneath it, so it is important to keep the crown in check. But when to prune a sessile oak for best effect, and what to look out for when doing so?

Prune a holm oak

When Should I Prune a Holm Oak Tree?

2nd April 2018, Tips

The holm oak is an evergreen tree which in some ways resembles holly, hence its alternative name, ‘holly oak’. With its dense canopy, it is beneficial for the holm oak to be regularly thinned. But when is the best time to prune a holm oak tree, and what should you look out for when doing so?

Whitebeam pruning

When is the Best Time for Whitebeam Pruning?

26th March 2018, Tips

The whitebeam tree is a popular sight in parks and gardens thanks to its pretty white spring flowers followed by scarlet red berries, edible when ripe come early autumn. Whitebeam pruning is important to keep the tree looking its best. But when is the best time to do it, and what should you look out for during pruning?


Trees Through the Seasons

19th March 2018, Advice

Through the seasons of the year, trees change their behaviour in line with the transforming weather conditions. We thought it would be interesting to take a look at precisely what goes on as winter turns to spring, spring flourishes into summer and summer shifts to the glorious golden hues of autumn.

Tree diseases

Caring for Your Tree: Common Diseases, Pests and Fungi to be on the Lookout For

12th March 2018, Tips

In this post we are taking a look at the most common tree diseases, pests and fungi with the goal of helping you spot the early signs. That way you’ll be able to take the appropriate action or call in professional help before the problem becomes too advanced.

When to prune a spindle tree

When to Prune a Spindle Tree?

5th March 2018, Tips

The spindle is a beautiful tree that bursts with colour in the autumn. Often used as a hedging plant, this tree is also perfect for creating an attractive garden focal point. But how to ensure it looks its best, and when is the optimum time to prune a spindle tree? Read on to find out.

When to prune common lilac

When is the best time to prune common lilac?

26th February 2018, Tips

The common lilac is a beautiful shrub renowned for its intense fragrance and stunning spring blooms. If you are looking for advice on how and when to prune common lilac, and would like to know what pests and diseases to look out for, read on…

Monkey puzzle tree pruning

When is the best time for Monkey Puzzle Tree Pruning?

19th February 2018, Tips

The monkey puzzle tree is a popular ornamental tree with a very distinctive appearance. Pruning this tree requires a very particular approach. How to do it, and when is the best time for monkey puzzle tree pruning? Read on to find all your questions answered.

Bay laurel tree pruning

When to Prune my Bay Laurel Tree?

12th February 2018, Tips

Bay laurel is a popular hedging and topiary shrub, but when to prune it for best results? What pests and diseases should you look out for during bay laurel tree pruning, and how best to care for your bay laurel tree?

Prune a silver birch tree

Silver Birch Tree Pruning: Getting the Timing Right

5th February 2018, Tips

When is the best time to prune a silver birch tree? Why prune a silver birch tree? What are the pests and diseases that commonly affect the silver birch tree? Read on to find out…

Close-up of a Magnolia Tree

When is the Best Time to Prune a Magnolia Tree?

29th January 2018, Tips

At what time of year should you prune a magnolia tree? Why are the reasons magnolia tree pruning is important? What diseases and pests affect the magnolia tree most? Read on to discover all the facts…

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