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multi trunk trees

Why do Some Trees Grow Multiple Trunks?

29th November 2023, Tips

Have you ever wondered why some trees grow with more than one trunk? There are actually numerous reasons for the phenomenon. Read on to learn what causes it, and why, if you have a tree with multiple trunks, there are special ways of caring for it that you need to know about.

Different trees for different conditions

Different Trees for Different Conditions

31st October 2023, Tips

Wondering what trees would work best for the specific soil and climate conditions where you live? Join us as we explore the native trees of the UK that are best suited for different conditions, and highlight the importance of selecting the right tree for your specific environment.

Different trees for different soil types

What are the Best Trees for the Different Soil Types in the UK?

30th September 2023, Tips

Understanding the typical soil type where you live will help with deciding which trees will thrive best, and dictate how to best care for them. There are many soil types in the UK, each with its unique characteristics and challenges. Here’s a look at the most popular, with recommendations for trees that are best suited to each.

Weeping willow for damp conditions

A Guide to Planting Trees in Damp Conditions

31st August 2023, Tips

Choosing the right trees to plant can be a challenge, especially if you have less than perfect conditions, such as permanently damp soil. If your garden suffers from poor drainage or is just generally wet and boggy, read on to learn the best trees that are capable of surviving in damp conditions.

Slime flux

Common Tree Diseases: Slime Flux

31st July 2023, Tips

If there’s a strong smelling, slimy liquid weeping from your tree that smells like vinegar and is acting like a magnet for flying insects, then you could be dealing with bacterial wetwood, otherwise known as slime flux. Read on to learn more about this common tree disease, and what to do if you spot it on one or more of your trees.

Trees in a heatwave

How to Care for Trees During a Heatwave

30th June 2023, Tips

Trees provide us with shade, clean air and a serene atmosphere, but they can also be vulnerable to the effects of extreme heat. Here we look at the best ways to care for trees during a heatwave, ensuring their health and longevity.

Defensive planting

Natural Home Security Measures – How Trees can Protect Your Home

31st May 2023, Tips

Using strategically chosen and carefully positioned trees and shrubs, it is possible to create a valuable barrier to help keep intruders at bay. Here’s a look at how best to use defensive planting to your advantage, with our top picks of the best naturally defensive plants you can use to protect your property.

Trees climate change

Small Trees, Big Benefits: 6 Compact Trees That Combat Climate Change

30th April 2023, Tips

Trees are a powerful weapon when it comes to fighting climate change. By acting as carbon sinks, they absorb vast amounts of pollutants from the atmosphere. The good news is that if you are keen to do your bit for the environment by planting a tree, but you only have a small outdoor space, there are plenty of species that will fit the bill.

The Importance of Deadwood

The Importance of Deadwood

29th March 2023, Tips

Fallen branches, rotting tree stumps and dead trees may seem surplus to requirements, but in actual fact, they are of significant importance to biodiversity and natural habitats. Here we look at why deadwood is important, and how you should deal with it.

Urban Trees

The Benefits of Urban Trees and Why We Need to Protect Them

28th February 2023, Tips

Urban trees are the eco-champions of built-up spaces. They support animals and plants, cleanse the air we breathe, and help boost well-being. Join us as we take a journey of discovery through the realms of urban trees, explaining what they are, the most popular town-planted species, and how they bring us so many benefits.

Best trees for hedges

What are the Best Trees for Hedges?

31st January 2023, Tips

If you’re thinking of planting a hedge, good for you. The benefits are many, from supporting wildlife to enhancing privacy and creating a pretty focal point. But what are the best trees for hedges? Join us as we look at which trees make the ideal hedge, and share our top hedge growing tips.

Trees are vital carbon sinks

Trees Play an Even More Important Role in Fighting Climate Change than Previously Thought

31st December 2022, Tips

It was recently revealed that trees in the UK are locking away twice as much carbon as originally thought. A study, using lasers and 3D scanning, showed that old trees in particular were critical to fighting climate change as they act as vital ‘carbon sinks’.

winter tree care

How to Care for Your Trees in Winter

30th November 2022, Tips

Winter is almost here, which means it’s time to start preparing your garden for the plummeting temperatures and harsh weather conditions. Here’s what you should be doing to protect and care for your trees this winter.

Box blight causes straw like leaves

What is Box Blight and What Can I do About it?

31st October 2022, Tips

If your box hedge has started to turn brown and the stems have begun to die back, chances are it’s suffering from box blight. Here we share all you need to know about this fungal disease that affects box plants, including how to keep the problem under control and restore your hedges to the lush green they once were.

Low maintenance trees

4 Easy Maintenance Trees to Brighten Your Garden

30th September 2022, Tips

If you’re thinking about planting trees in your garden, but the thought of having to put in all that effort, care and attention is putting you off, worry not, because there are plenty of options when it comes to easy maintenance trees. Let’s take a look at the best species to add interest to your garden, without you having to put in too much time and effort.

False autumn

False Autumn – Why Leaves are Falling from Trees in August

31st August 2022, Tips

Autumn is still a way off yet, but there is a definite crunch underfoot and an auburn glow as trees across the UK are already shedding their leaves. The phenomenon follows the recent prolonged dry spell, forcing trees into survival mode and sparking what’s known as a ‘false autumn’.

Tree Surveys and Reports

What is a Tree Survey and Why Do I Need One?

31st July 2022, Tips

A tree survey is a type of report that’s carried out on private or public land. The aim of the survey is to provide useful information on the trees, so that informed decisions can be made. Here’s how they work, any why you might need one.

Tree roots and property damage

Tree Roots and Property Damage: All You Need to Know

31st May 2022, Tips

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of trees growing near buildings cause no damage. However, structural damage and subsidence can be associated with tree roots. But if you can understand what it is about trees that can affect buildings, then you will be better informed and know when it’s time to bring in professional help to deal with your trees.

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