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Fallen Trees & Branches: Whose Responsibility?

29th March 2016, Tips

As Storm Katie wreaked havoc through the south of England over the Easter bank holiday weekend, so it left a stream of fallen trees and branches in its wake. But whose responsibility it is to clear a fallen tree, and who should pay?

How do I Check if my Tree is Dead or Dying?

17th March 2016, Advice

A dead or dying tree can pose a serious safety hazard. There is the very real risk of branches falling unexpectedly or worse, the entire tree falling, especially after a storm or high winds. But how can you tell if a tree is dead or dying? And what should you do about it?

Conifer Tree Trimming In Rayleigh

Conifer Tree Trimming In Rayleigh

1st March 2016, News

Rayleigh has many conifer trees, one of the most frequent requests is to have them trimmed. Conifer tree trimming in…

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