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Tree Pruning

Professional Tree Pruning services in Essex

Tree Pruning Essex

For tree pruning Essex wide, look to T.H. Tree Services: 10 years’ experience, British Standards accredited, Trading Standards approved and highly qualified tree surgeons.

If you require a tree pruning in Essex, you can count on the know-how and expertise of our tree surgeons to undertake the job safely and cost effectively.

The tree pruning process involves carefully cutting back and professionally shaping of the tree so that it is pleasant to look at as well as protected from the risks of high winds and storms. In Essex, tree pruning can incorporate the handling of a range of species of trees, many of which are listed below, as well as coming up with solutions to challenges and tricky access situations. None of this is any problem however for the specialists at Essex based T.H. Tree Services.

Tree Pruning Essex: Always Engage the Professionals

Pruning a tree is not an easy task. It calls for great knowledge to be able to prune a tree in just the right manner to ensure it remains healthy and grows at a steady rate. Many people claim to be tree experts when in reality they are unqualified general tradespeople who do a little bit of everything, without any expertise.

It takes several years of training and perfecting of skills to effectively prune a tree. Essex householders and land managers are therefore advised to exercise due diligence when hiring a company for such a task. Always check for relevant qualifications, experience and unblemished insurance and health and safety records together with positive reviews.

Oak Tree Pruning Essex

Our expertise in oak tree pruning Essex wide is highly regarded. The English oak, of the Latin Quercus Robur, can grow to heights of 20 to 40 metres. Nevertheless, our experts have the ability to undertake out oak tree pruning Essex wide with the utmost in efficiency.

Willow Tree Pruning Essex

The willow tree, of the Latin Salix meaning ‘sallow’, can grow to in the region of 10 metres in height and will generally live up to 300 years. We have particular expertise in willow tree pruning Essex wide. This is a process that requires specialist knowledge due to the sprawling canopies involved and the fact willow trees are often situated over water.

Conifer Tree Pruning Essex

Conifer trees will often grow to looming heights of as much as 100 metres. Of the Latin Pinophyta, the conifer tree includes the yew, pine, cypress and Douglas fir. Conifers often form long and tall conifer hedges and we regularly deal with pruning extensive rows of these trees. Whether you have a single conifer tree that needs pruning or a full hedge, you can with total reassurance place the job in the capable hands of T.H. Tree Services.

Eucalyptus Tree Pruning Essex

Eucalyptus trees require frequent pruning because without it can grow to unmanageable proportions. This is a tree that will regularly shed bark and branches, which means it is imperative to engage regular professional help in eucalyptus tree pruning Essex wide. However tall the tree has grown, our specialists are able to prune it safely and cost effectively.

Cherry Tree Pruning Essex

Of the Prunus family of trees, the cherry tree is one of Europe’s most common fruit-bearing species. Capable of growing to heights of 10 metres, this is a tree that can quickly become unruly which means regular pruning is vital. This is a service you can hand over to our experts with total peace of mind.

Silver Birch Pruning Essex

The silver birch tree, of the Latin Betula Pendula, is a UK native species which will regularly grow to 30 metres in height. Regular pruning is crucial as this tree has a habit of putting down very deep roots, which can make it a challenge to remove if it grows to an unmanageable state. Look to T.H. Tree Services for your periodical silver birch pruning Essex wide.

Ash Tree Pruning Essex

Ash trees, or Fraxinus Excelsior as they are known by their Latin name, are native to the UK. With an average lifespan of 400 years and often growing to heights of around 35 metres, this is another tree that benefits from frequent pruning. Due to it being a slender, tall tree by nature, the ash tree pruning process calls for particular expertise so as to preserve its beauty.

Plum Tree Pruning Essex

Of the family Prunus Domestica, the plum tree grows commonly UK wide even though it is not native to this country. Pruning again calls for specialist expertise due to the spiny twigs and straight branches which are typical of this tree. No problem though for our qualified tree surgeons who frequently undertake plum tree pruning Essex wide.

Cedar Tree Pruning Essex

Cedar trees are widespread across the UK, although they are native to the Lebanon, eastern Mediterranean and areas of Asia. Of the Latin Cedrus Libani, Cedar trees are known for their wood which acts as a natural insect repellent: especially beneficial if you want to sit under one during the summer months! Cedar trees regularly grow to heights of 35 metres and are renowned for their multiple trunks. Regardless of the fact these trees are unusual in shape, we are more than capable of undertaking cedar tree pruning Essex wide.

Pine Tree Pruning Essex

A range of species of pine tree exists including the Scots pine which is one of the most common. Pinus Sylvestris as it is known by its Latin name will live for up to 700 years and can reach heights of 35 metres. Whatever the height and regardless of how busy or unkempt a pine tree has grown, or whether it is located in a hard to reach area, you can count on our experts to carry out an effective pruning job safely and professionally.

Recent reviews of T.H Tree Services

Bamboo Clearance

Amazing service from Mark and his team. We had a problem with Bamboo that had spread from a neighbours garden. Mark kept us informed with regular phone calls and images of how the work was progressing, as we were not present the house. 1st class job and a pleasure to do business with this company.

Thank you Colin and Gillian for your kind review. It was a pleasure to be able to clear the bamboo for you.

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