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Do trees block satellite signal?

Do Trees Block Satellite & TV Signals & what can I do About it?

30th June 2016, Advice

It is a much discussed topic: do tall or thick trees block the signal being received by your satellite dish or TV aerial? And if so, what action can be taken to resolve it?

No View, No Light? What can be Done About Neighbouring Hedges?

20th June 2016, Advice

Disputes over high hedges are common and relatively new legislation gives local authorities the power to intervene and help neighbours resolve their differences rather than get solicitors or the courts involved.

Will Trees on or Near my Land Affect my Home Insurance?

10th June 2016, Advice

Trees are associated with various risks such as subsidence and heave, but does it mean you will pay an over-inflated home insurance premium just because you have trees on your land?

Tree Roots and Property Damage: Whose Responsibility?

1st June 2016, Advice

The roots of many types of trees are well known to cause damage to properties. But who is responsible for meeting the costs of dealing with root damage?

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