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Tree crafts

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3 DIY Tree Projects to Try in 2024

As sustainability and the environment remain an important world focus, it means we embrace nature into all areas of our life including our creative endeavours. Trees with their timeless elegance and renewable beauty, serve as an inspiring source for many do-it-yourself projects. For 2024, let’s explore the possibilities of different tree projects.

1.   Birdhouse tree crafts

Birdhouses using fallen branches or reclaimed wood make excellent tree projects. Wood from pine, cedar and cypress trees make good choices as they are weather resistant and durable.

Start by measuring out the panels for your birdhouse for the base, front, back, roof and sides.

Each piece should be rectangular except for the sides which have an angle to accommodate the sloping roof – necessary for drainage.

The size of the bird box will depend upon the type of bird you are aiming to attract. For smaller birds like blue tits and finches, use these approximate measurements:

Base – 127mm x 114mm

Front – 127mm x 191mm

Back – 127mm x 305mm

Roof – 165mm x 152mm

Sides – 165mm (base) x 191mm (edge) x 241mm (edge)

Simply repeat the measurements for the other side.

Next, assemble the panels. Start by screwing the side panels to the base, then attach the front panel to the side and base. Repeat with the back panel. 

Drill small holes into each corner of the base of the box for drainage and two small holes in the roof for ventilation for the chicks.

Using a circular drill, make an entrance hole on the front panel of the box. Don’t go too big – aim for 28.5mm and position it about 127mm from the base of the box.

Then fix on the lid. Use a strip of rubber or felt to add a hinge which allows you to clean out the box.

Finally, fix your bird box to a tree, fence or house which is high enough to avoid predators like cats and has a clear flight path for your nesting birds. Certain trees are more likely to attract birds in your garden, so consider positioning your birdhouse on or near to any of those if you have them, or get planting if you don’t!

Bird box tree crafts

2.   Tree crafts for the home

Use fallen branches, twigs and pine cones to create tree crafts for the home. There are hundreds of ideas ranging from table decorations, candle holders, coasters and lamp shades to furniture tree projects like bookends, coffee tables and shelves.

Tree crafts candle holder

Remember, the idea is to use anything that has naturally fallen rather than taking anything from the living tree.

Any type of willow branches are flexible, which make them ideal for bending into shape allowing you to make decorative items like door wreaths and baskets. Why not make a wreath for all seasons, changing it every few months to depict spring, summer, autumn and winter, or any festivities such as Halloween or Christmas?

Tree crafts willow wreath

Silver birch has attractive and lightweight bark which can be easily incorporated into wall hangings and table centrepieces.

Sturdier branches such as those from oak or maple can be used for more robust tree projects such as frames, sculptures, frames and any other carving decorations.

3.   Tree projects for children

Using fallen branches, leaves or pine cones for tree projects with children can be fun and educational. Most children enjoy being outside, and working together can be a bonding experience as well as emphasising the importance of nature and the environment.

Ideas for tree crafts for children which you can build together include a bug hotel. This can be as basic or elaborate as you like. Gather pine cones closely together and stuff dried leaves in the gaps.

Use branches or larger pieces of wood to form the outer walls of the hotel. Children will love to re-visit the hotel to watch for ladybirds, beetles and other insects that have made the hotel their home.

Tree crafts bug hotel

Another idea is to hunt for leaves of different shapes, sizes and colour to use in leaf art. Stick onto paper to form elaborate collage pictures or try rubbing over the top of the leaves on to paper with crayons.

Incorporate smaller branches and twigs to make your very own family tree. Paste on to large sheets of paper and talk through your relations with your children.

Experience the joy of creating with tree crafts

Engaging in tree projects isn’t just about the end result, it’s about the journey of creating and the satisfaction of knowing you’ve contributed positively to the environment. And tree crafts aren’t just for kids either, anyone can benefit from partaking in a spot of crafting.

Tree projects and tree crafts offer a beautiful way to merge sustainability with art, so as we head into 2024, it’s a good time to think about what you could create using the natural beauty of trees.

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