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Heritage site tree care

A Guide to Tree Care for Heritage Sites

31st January 2024, Tips

Trees on heritage sites are not just part of the scenery; they are storytellers, charting centuries of history. In this blog, we’ll explore the intricate world of tree care for heritage sites, emphasising the importance of preserving these majestic living monuments.

Tree felling

The Law on Cutting Down Trees: All You Need to Know

28th June 2021, News

When it comes to cutting down trees, careful consideration is vital. Whilst it may be the only option, perhaps for safety reasons, the process of felling a tree is subject to a variety of legislation. Whether you are looking to cut down or protect a tree, the following advice will help you understand the law.

Trees for small gardens

6 of the Best Trees for Small Gardens

15th June 2020, News

If you have a small garden but have your heart set on planting a tree in it, it’s essential you take time to do your research. Why not start right here with our guide to the best trees for small gardens?

Coronavirus tree surgeon service

COVID-19 – Our Commitment to Operating Safely During the Coronavirus Pandemic

1st April 2020, News

We hope you are all keeping safe and well and we would like to reassure you of our commitment to continuing to provide our services under an adapted working practice that falls in line with the most recent Government advice.

Sapling tree care

How to Care for Newly Planted and Sapling Trees

26th March 2020, News

How to go about making sure those trees you’ve lovingly planted flourish over the next crucial five years? Let’s take a closer look at what you need to be doing to care for newly planted and sapling trees.

prune a neighbour's tree

Can I Trim my Neighbour’s Tree? Your Rights Explained.

21st September 2019, News

What to do if a neighbour’s tree is overhanging into your garden, or has grown so tall that it is blocking your light? Here we tackle the issue in full including taking a look at your legal rights.

remove a tree stump

What is the Best way to Remove a Tree Stump?

13th June 2019, News

Whatever your reasoning behind wanting rid of a tree stump, you’re going to need some good, solid advice on removing it. Precisely what our expert tree surgeons have put together in this guide to the best ways to remove a tree stump.

Tree Pruning

The Ultimate Guide to Tree Pruning

20th May 2019, News

Are you looking for information on tree pruning? Read on to discover when, how and why to prune your tree together with important things to look out for and what you need to avoid.

Hedge removal

How to Prune and Care for Your Conifer Tree

11th April 2019, News

There are various species of conifer trees, most of them evergreen and all of them well known for their habit of growing very tall, very quickly. There is a knack to pruning and generally caring for a conifer tree if you want to enjoy it at its beautiful best whilst keeping it nicely under control. Read on for our expert tips.

Lady Hedge Trimming

Top 10 Hedge Trimming Tips

7th March 2019, News

Hedge trimming may appear to be quite a task, but by following a few expert tips you’ll be able to tackle the job safely, efficiently and with results that will have neighbours and passers-by stopping to admire your handiwork.

Expert Tree Surgeon In Essex

Expert Tree Surgeons In Essex

21st April 2018, News

Looking for expert tree surgeons in Essex? Terry provides our customers with over 15 years commercial experience and 13 years…

Essex Tree Specialists

Essex Tree Specialists

2nd April 2018, News

Essex tree specialists are tree surgeons based in Essex with expert levels of experience, see why TH trees are considered by thousands across Essex as tree specialists.

Canvey Tree Pollarding 2 (2)

Canvey Tree Pollarding

31st March 2018, News

Canvey tree pollarding is a professional tree service offered by TH Trees. We are based in Rayleigh and cover Canvey Island. We are trusted to work on domestic and commercial sites across the Island

TH Trees Limited

TH Tree Surgery

25th March 2018, News

TH Tree Surgery ®, Established in Essex, Kent, Hertfordshire, Suffolk and of course London Since 2005 TH Tree Surgery ®…

Hedge Trimming Specialists In Chelmsford

Hedge Trimming Specialists In Chelmsford

8th October 2017, News

TH Tree Services are Your number 1 hedge trimming specialists in Chelmsford We cater to the smallest hedge, as well…

Forst ST6p Petrol Wood chipper (4)

Forst ST6p Petrol Wood Chipper Review

17th September 2017, News

The Forst ST6P Sub 750kg Petrol Wood Chipper, is the force behind its name?. Before we go into the Forst…

Contact TH Trees

T.H. Tree ServicesⓇ: A Long History and a Trusted Brand

9th September 2017, News

If you have been recommended to use T.H. Tree ServicesⓇ or are looking to engage our services based on the reviews you have read online, we urge you to be careful as to the company you are hiring, just in case there are others trading under similar names.

Apple Tree

Apple Tree Pruning: A Guide to Perfect Timing

15th May 2017, News

Expert insight into the best time to prune an apple tree; why you should prune an apple tree, and how to identify common diseases.

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