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When to prune common lilac

When is the best time to prune common lilac?

26th February 2018, Tips

The common lilac is a beautiful shrub renowned for its intense fragrance and stunning spring blooms. If you are looking for advice on how and when to prune common lilac, and would like to know what pests and diseases to look out for, read on…

Monkey puzzle tree pruning

When is the best time for Monkey Puzzle Tree Pruning?

19th February 2018, Tips

The monkey puzzle tree is a popular ornamental tree with a very distinctive appearance. Pruning this tree requires a very particular approach. How to do it, and when is the best time for monkey puzzle tree pruning? Read on to find all your questions answered.

Bay laurel tree pruning

When to Prune my Bay Laurel Tree?

12th February 2018, Tips

Bay laurel is a popular hedging and topiary shrub, but when to prune it for best results? What pests and diseases should you look out for during bay laurel tree pruning, and how best to care for your bay laurel tree?

Prune a silver birch tree

Silver Birch Tree Pruning: Getting the Timing Right

5th February 2018, Tips

When is the best time to prune a silver birch tree? Why prune a silver birch tree? What are the pests and diseases that commonly affect the silver birch tree? Read on to find out…

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