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Local Authority Tree Contracts Thurrock

TH Trees Ltd is Trading Standards approved tree surgery specialist operating throughout Essex. Established for 15 years, we are fully approved by a long list of local authorities throughout the county and therefore well qualified to competently manage local authority tree contracts throughout Thurrock.

Why Choose TH Trees Ltd for Local Authority Tree Contracts in Thurrock?

If you are seeking professional tree care assistance at any location in Thurrock, you will find TH Trees Ltd experienced and insured to deliver it. With Trading Standards, local authority and Safe4Site Gold approval and an extensive list of official tree surgeon qualifications, total peace of mind is guaranteed in all respects.

Whether you need a storm damaged tree removed or made safe without delay; hedges or trees pruned or removed, or specialist guidance on tree disease or pest infestation, you are guaranteed the utmost reassurance in service quality and standards compliance from TH Trees Ltd.

Tree Care Qualifications – The Important Facts

At TH Trees Ltd, all our Thurrock tree surgeons are qualified to N.P.T.C. and LANTRA standards. These are the industry’s official certifications.

We hold TEN different N.P.T.C. qualifications and TWO LANTRA qualifications. All our tree surgeons go through regular refresher training to ensure their skills are up to date at all times. 

As Thurrock tree workers, we adhere to British Standard BS 3998 2010 as well as all the associated legislation including the Work at Height Regulations, the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act and the Manual Handling Operations. Our record is totally clean in all of these. In addition, we hold £10 million in liability insurance.

Local Authority Tree Contracts Thurrock: Our Services

Our local authority tree contracts cover a vast range of services. These include:

Tree pollarding

For trees located next to public highways, railway lines or overhead power lines, it is good practice to keep their canopies controlled with the tree pruning method known as pollarding. This service is popular amongst local authorities where trees need to be maintained and kept safe long term.

Crown lifting

When we carry out crown lifting, we start by removing the lower branches with the aim of lifting the canopy to make space in the lower reaches. The overall height of the tree remains but with the lower areas cleared it becomes possible for people to walk underneath and enjoy the shade, and it also makes it easier for groundskeepers to carry out their maintenance tasks.

Storm damaged tree removal

Local authorities depend on us to swiftly remove trees that have fallen on public land due to storms or high winds. Regardless of the weather or the risk, we have the experience, personnel and expertise to move quickly to ensure public health and safety hazards are eliminated.

Tree removal

Trees that are posing a hazard; are diseased and untreatable or that are blocking access may need to be removed, as do trees whose roots are causing issues with nearby buildings. Tree removal involves a great deal of working at height, so it must be undertaken by professionals with the relevant qualifications and fit for purpose equipment.

Tree reports

For all your local authority tree report requirements in Thurrock, you can depend on the qualified expertise of TH Trees Ltd. We offer a comprehensive service including tree condition safety survey and inspections; arboricultural mortgage reports and planning application and development surveys.

Hedge trimming and removal

Whether you have extensive rows of hedges to prune and maintain, or you need hedges removed completely, we can provide the professional service you need. Even where your hedges are very tall or made up of hardwood plants, we have the knowledge required to deal with them efficiently.

Local Authority Tree Contracts Thurrock: Our Expertise

At TH Trees Ltd we have the experience and extensive knowledge to provide a wide range of tree surgery services. We also have specialist skill in areas such as ivy trimming and removal; bamboo removal; dead wood removal and grounds maintenance.

Our expert Thurrock tree care experts have in-depth knowhow when it comes to ALL species of trees found UK wide, including native and non-native species. These include the oak tree, known to grow to heights of 40 metres; the willow tree, often situated on the banks of lakes and rivers; the Leyland cypress, well-known for its soaring heights and species such as the eucalyptus tree and the cherry tree, both of which need specialist knowledge when it comes to pruning.

For more insight into your individual trees, please consult our tree ID pages.

Tree pruning advice – why timing means everything

Our Thurrock tree surgeons are able to provide professional advice on the optimum time to prune any particular tree. You can learn more by consulting our news and tree ID pages.

In most situations we will do what we can to avoid tree pruning during the active growing season. This runs from late spring to early winter. The reason for this is that when a tree is pruned during its growing phase, it bleeds sap which attracts bugs, which spread diseases.

We also avoid, by law, the bird nesting season. This runs from February to August.

In all cases we may still go ahead when there is an urgent or immediate need, such as a tree or branches that are posing a hazard, or a diseased tree that needs treating.

Common tree diseases we look out for

Certain trees are more susceptible to disease and pest infestations than others. The most widespread diseases are ash dieback, chestnut blight, Dutch elm disease and oak decline, although there are many others that we are constantly scanning for.

Our local authority tree contracts specialists in Thurrock are qualified to identify, analyse and treat all types of diseases, fungi and pest infestations. Our guide to common tree diseases and pests is a helpful resource, although of course you are welcome to contact us for individual advice.

Local Authority Tree Contracts Thurrock – Expertise on tap

We offer onsite assessment visits and expert guidance on the most relevant course of action for all local authority tree service requirements.

Our service is based around quality, reliability and value. We have extensive experience in working amongst the public, and our untarnished health and safety and insurance track records prove our professionalism and dedication to health and safety. In addition, our continued investment in modern equipment and training makes us the ideal choice for local authority tree contracts Thurrock wide.

For expert advice from fully qualified specialists in local authority tree contracts Thurrock wide, call TH Trees Ltd on 01268 642 814.

Fantastic service

Polite, professional and tidy.The team were punctual, very polite, kept me well informed of what they were doing, anything I asked them wasn’t an inconvenience.Service with a smile and the tidy up job was fantastic too.I would certainly recommend TH Tree services and happily use them again.

Hi Mrs Easton, thank you for leaving a lovely review. The team are really pleased they come across professional and friendly.

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