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Thurrock Tree Removal Services

Our Thurrock tree removal services are some of the most highly recommended throughout the county of Essex.

Need a storm damaged tree removing? Diseased, infested or decaying tree posing a risk? Tree blocking light or impinging a view? Roots threatening to cause subsidence? We can help. Whatever your tree related issues, you can depend upon our professional, widely renowned Thurrock tree removal services.

Why Choose T.H. Tree Services for all your Thurrock Tree Removal Needs?

For more than 15 years, homeowners, estate managers, local authorities, landlords, developers and housing associations have depended upon our tree removal services Thurrock wide.

Our Grays tree surgeons hold TEN different N.P.T.C. qualifications in a range of aspects of arboriculture together with TWO LANTRA qualifications.

Furthermore, T.H. Tree Services is Trading Standards, local authority and Safe4Site Gold approved. We adhere to British Standard BS3998 2010 as well as a host of legislation including the Work at Height Regulations, the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act and the Manual Handling Operations. We have over the years kept a fully untarnished record in all aspects of health and safety and have £5 million liability insurance.

Tree removal in Thurrock or anywhere is an extremely risky undertaking. Many years are required to master the skill of removing a tree safely without risking damage to property or causing injury to anyone in the vicinity or involved in the job.

Sadly there are far too many so-called outfits claiming to be experts in tree removal. The truth of the matter though is that many of them lack the qualifications, experience, training, insurance or specialist equipment to do the job properly and safely. Can you imagine a situation where, during the removal of your tree, part of the tree fell onto a neighbour’s conservatory, or worse still, onto someone who was passing by? What a situation.

With no insurance, the company would not be able to cover the resulting claim for compensation and damages. Instead the liability would be yours.

Tree Removal Thurrock: All Trees Covered, Any Size, Any Species

Our Thurrock tree removal service covers a comprehensive range of tree sizes and species. Regardless of whether your trees are situated on public or private land, in a domestic garden, on business premises or in a high risk location such as next to a railway line or riverbank, the specialists at T.H. Tree Services possess the knowhow and experience to take care of them.

Here are just some of the trees we have taken care of Thurrock wide over the past 15 years:

  • Oak, including English or common oak, sessile oak and holm oak. Oak trees may reach heights of 40 metres, but that we can still deal with their removal where necessary.
  • Willow including weeping willow and crack willow. Many willow trees are situated on the banks of bodies of water, however this doesn’t mean we can’t tackle the job.
  • Ash trees. If your ash tree has unfortunately fallen victim to ash dieback and there is nothing to save it, we will carefully remove it and safely dispose of the remnants for you.
  • Fruit trees, including pear, plum, cherry and apple. It is known for fruit trees to become unruly, or stop producing fruit, or just reach a certain age. If you wish to remove your fruit tree, we can assist.
  • Conifers and pines, including yew, cedar and Leyland cypress. Conifers and pines are known to reach towering heights of up to 100 metres. Our experience, knowledge and specialist equipment however allows us to tackle conifers of any size or species.
  • Thorny and spiky trees. This includes the hawthorn, holly and monkey puzzle tree. Not all tree removal companies in Thurrock are willing to tackle such trees, but that is not the case with T.H. Tree Services. Whatever tree you have in Thurrock, if it needs removing, you can leave it in our capable hands.
  • Eucalyptus trees of all varieties. We regularly come across the cider gum tree, one of the most common along eucalyptus trees growing along the Essex coastline. None of these are an issue for us.
  • Beech trees, including those with expansive canopies or of exceptional height. We can also remove beech hedging if that is your requirement.
  • All other deciduous and evergreen trees. We offer a tree removal Thurrock wide for silver birch trees, hornbeam trees, rowan trees, lime trees, maple trees, sycamore trees, whitebeam trees, elm trees, spindle trees and aspen trees as well as ornamental and flowering trees such as lilac, magnolia, false acacia (Robinia) and bay laurel, to name just some of them.

Need to identify a tree on your land? Our comprehensive Tree ID pages should prove helpful.

Common diseases affecting trees in Thurrock

Sometimes when we attend to remove a tree in Thurrock, we find that it has been suffering one of the common diseases such as ash dieback, chestnut blight, Dutch elm disease or oak decline, or something else that’s common amongst UK trees.

If you are worried that your tree may be diseased or infested with pests or fungi, our guide to common tree diseases should prove useful. Please do contact us immediately if you feel your tree is suffering any of these diseases: we may well be in time to save it.

When is the best time for tree removal in Thurrock?

Tree removal is not possible at all times of the year. All non-emergency tree work should be avoided during the bird nesting season which runs from February to August. We always check for nesting birds outside of this time before going ahead with any tree removal, just in case. If the tree is hazardous however, you can usually go ahead.

It is also necessary to check the TPO register if your tree is of notable interest. If it is protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) then you will not be able to remove it without permission and without good reason. You’ll need to apply through your local authority’s arboricultural department before going ahead.

For Expert Tree Removal Thurrock wide, Choose T.H. Tree Services

At T.H. Tree Services we have been specialising in tree removal Thurrock wide for over 15 years. We offer a competitively priced service that you can fully depend upon.

For a no-obligation quotation and professional advice from a qualified Thurrock tree removal expert, call T.H Tree Services on 01268 642 814.

Always provide an excellent service

This is the third time TH Trees have provided tree services to us and we are always really pleased with their friendly, professional service and advice. This time we had a conifer and bush removed and another tree cut right back. Always very tidy, would wholeheartedly recommend.

Thank you Sue for recommending us and for your kind review. It is always a pleasure to help you, and we look forward to being of service again in the future whenever you need us.

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