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Storm Damaged Tree Removal Thurrock

Storm damaged tree removal Thurrock wide is a particular speciality for the experts at T.H. Tree Services. If your tree has fallen following a storm or you believe it to be hazardous, get in touch without delay. Storm damaged trees are known to be very dangerous and have to be dealt with quickly and professionally by people who are fully trained in this type of work.

Emergency Storm Damaged Tree Removal for Thurrock Residents

We offer a highly respected service in storm damaged tree removal Thurrock residents recommend. Our experts are dedicated to doing everything within their power to attend urgent calls. So, if there is a tree that’s blocking access, or there are large branches threatening to fall onto property, or vehicles parked nearby, give us a call and we’ll be there regardless of the weather conditions.

Our long term expertise means we are able to come up with solutions on the spot to remove storm damaged trees, even in the most precarious conditions. We provide our services to homeowners, estate managers and local authorities and have done so for over 15 years.

Our qualifications, experience and access to specialist equipment make it possible for us to safely move overhead power lines or work close to bodies of water or in difficult to access places so we can get to the trees that require attention.

Approved Tree Surgeons for Storm Damaged Tree Removal in Thurrock

T.H. Tree Services are Trading Standards, local authority and Safe4Site approved tree surgeons. Trading Standards approval is only awarded where a company can provide evidence of long term experience, widespread knowledge, safe working processes, relevant qualifications and added value. Hire us for storm damaged tree removal in Thurrock for total peace of mind.

All Types of Storm Damaged Trees Removed Thurrock Wide

We are able to remove storm damaged trees Thurrock wide from public land, commercial premises and residential property. All trees of all species can be removed no matter what size they are. This includes the oak tree and Leyland cypress, both of which are known for growing up to 40 metres in height. We also have particular expertise in dealing with large conifer trees, renowned for reaching towering heights of up to 100 metres together with the willow tree which will often be situated alongside bodies of water such as rivers, lakes or ponds; and trees like the ash tree or the elm tree, both of which are susceptible to disease and can therefore be prone to storm damage when decaying.

The following are just some of the trees we regularly attend to in Thurrock and surrounds following storms and high winds:

  • Oak – all types including English oak, sessile oak and holm oak
  • Ash – this includes ash trees affected by the disease ash dieback
  • Fruit trees – such as pear, plum, cherry and apple
  • Willow – including trees situated alongside bodies of water
  • Conifers and pines – such as yew, cedar and Leyland cypress
  • Thorny trees and spiky trees – including hawthorn and holly and the monkey puzzle tree
  • Eucalyptus trees – all varieties
  • Beech trees – even those with particularly sizeable canopies
  • All other deciduous trees – we’ll deal with silver birch trees, hornbeam trees, lime trees, maple trees, sycamore trees, rowan trees and aspen trees to name just a few.

Is my Tree Prone to Storm Damage?

There are some tree species that tend to be more susceptible to pest infestation and disease than others. Diseases and pest infestations can make trees weak and there will be signs of decay, all of which make it more likely that a tree will suffer storm damage.

If you believe that your tree is diseased and may be suffering from a disease like ash dieback, oak decline, Dutch elm disease or chestnut blight, then never hold back in calling in expert assistance. If you delay, you could be rendering your tree more susceptible to the elements, but not just that: it could mean the difference between saving your tree and losing it.

A core part of our Thurrock tree surgeon services is identifying and treating diseases, fungi and pest infestations. If you are worried that your tree may be diseased or infested with pests, have a browse through our guide to common tree diseases and pests and don’t delay in getting in touch with us for personally tailored advice should you have any concerns.

Storm Damaged Tree Removal Thurrock: Who Pays?

Who is responsible for covering the cost of storm damaged tree removal Thurrock wide? That is a good question.

Buildings and contents insurance usually covers the cost, although it is normal for policy conditions to vary so it is always worth checking with your insurance broker or provider. Generally, if a tree has fallen onto your property, you will find your insurance covers its removal; the same goes for trees that have fallen onto a neighbour’s property, and any resulting damage, as well as large branches that fall onto outbuildings like sheds or greenhouses. If however the tree doesn’t hit anything or doesn’t block access, then you will not normally receive any sort of pay out. Vehicle damage will need to be claimed on a motor insurance policy.

Storm Damaged Tree Removal Thurrock – Always Hire Qualified Experts

Qualifications matter when it comes to tree surgery and storm damaged tree removal. Thurrock residents can depend upon the long list of qualifications and accreditations held by T.H. Tree Services which go a long way to instil peace of mind when it comes to service quality and knowledge.

All our Thurrock tree surgeons are qualified to N.P.T.C. and LANTRA standards which are the industry’s standard certifications, proving that a tree surgeon has reached a minimum level of skill and proficiency.

When hiring a storm damaged tree removal expert in Thurrock, always ensure you check that they hold the qualifications relevant to the work they are carrying for you. Be aware that not all tree surgeons hold ALL the right certifications and that this could lead to insurance related problems.

At T.H. Tree Services, our Thurrock storm damaged tree removal specialists have TEN different N.P.T.C. qualifications together with TWO LANTRA qualifications. All our tree surgeons go through refresher training on a regular basis.  We comply with British Standard BS 3998 2010 and adhere to all the relevant regulations including the Work at Height Regulations, the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act and the Manual Handling Operations, all of which we have a totally clean track record in.

Need Storm Damaged Tree Removal in Thurrock? Contact T.H. Tree Services.

We’re on hand any time you require storm damaged tree removal Thurrock wide. If a tree has fallen after a storm or high winds, or you are concerned about the safety of a tree, don’t hesitate. Call the knowledgeable experts at T.H. Tree Services today on 01268 642 814.

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Polite, professional and tidy.The team were punctual, very polite, kept me well informed of what they were doing, anything I asked them wasn’t an inconvenience.Service with a smile and the tidy up job was fantastic too.I would certainly recommend TH Tree services and happily use them again.

Hi Mrs Easton, thank you for leaving a lovely review. The team are really pleased they come across professional and friendly.

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