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Crown Thinning

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Tree Crown Thinning Rayleigh

It’s a good idea to thin a tree’s canopy from time to time to allow wind and light to pass through. In Rayleigh, tree crown thinning is one of our most popular services.

Trees with dense canopies can become risky for numerous reasons. The first reason being can be difficult to see if any disease or decay is present. Affected branches run the risk of falling out at any time. The second reason is that dense foliage will repel wind which can lead to damage. These are just some of the reasons why tree crown thinning in Rayleigh is vital.

T.H. Tree Services are qualified tree surgeons with specific expertise in crown thinning. Rayleigh trees of all types can be thinned out leaving them healthy and safe.

How does it work? Firstly we climb into the core of the tree’s crown. Then we start to work from the inside out, thinning out the foliage and taking out any dead wood or heavy branches leaving the tree balanced, healthy and risk free.

The Advantages of Crown Thinning Rayleigh Trees

Once crown thinning is complete, light and wind can pass through easily. Trees are more resistant to storms and high winds and new growth is promoted.

Crown thinning Rayleigh trees keeps the tree’s height but takes down the volume of the canopy. We are often asked to carry out crown thinning when trees have stopped light from getting through.

Do you have trees that could gain advantage from crown thinning? Rayleigh tree surgeons T.H. Tree Services are LANTRA qualified local authority and Trading Standards approved.

Specialists in all Species of Tree Crown Thinning Rayleigh Wide

Our Rayleigh tree crown thinning experts have specialist knowledge of all the common species of trees in the UK including the following:

Oak Tree Crown Thinning Rayleigh

Our knowledge of oak tree crown thinning is renowned Rayleigh wide. The English oak is probably the best known tree in Britain and certainly the most common. Officially going by the Latin name of Quercus Robur, the oak tree will tend to grow in excess of 20 metres and often up to 40 metres. The fact they grow so tall and have such wide canopies supported by strong branches is not something that will deter our experts however, as our in-depth experience in oak tree crown thinning Rayleigh wide and our state of the art equipment allow us to handle any task like this with ease.

Willow Tree Crown Thinning Rayleigh

There are in the region of 400 species of willow tree, of the Latin Salix meaning ‘sallow’. When mature, willow trees grow to heights of around 10 metres and can live to 300 years of age. We have extensive experience in dealing with willow tree crown thinning Rayleigh wide. Due to the expanse of the hanging canopies, taking care of a willow tree that needs crown thinning does require specific expertise, which courtesy of our long term and wide ranging experience as qualified tree surgeons, we are able to offer in abundance.

Conifer Tree Crown Thinning Rayleigh

Conifer trees are renowned for growing to towering heights, often up to 100 metres. Of the Latin Pinophyta, there are various types of conifer including yew, pine, cypress and Douglas fir. Where there are any of these types of conifer present, whether as a single tree or as a large hedge, it is good practice to carry out crown thinning. For this job, you can rely on our knowledge to safely handle every aspect safely and efficiently. Even where there is a full row of exceptionally tall conifers, our Rayleigh conifer tree crown thinning experts will be able to come up with a solution to prune them back to perfection.

Eucalyptus Tree Crown Thinning Rayleigh

The eucalyptus tree is an evergreen variety which, if professionally coppiced on a regular basis will prove suitable for smaller outside spaces such as domestic gardens. When regular attention is not paid to these trees, you will find they will shed bark and branches, which could prove dangerous. With all eucalyptus trees it is essential to have any dead wood removed regularly and if the tree has grown to quite a height it is good practice to have its crown thinned. Our Rayleigh eucalyptus tree crown thinning service is cost effective, safe and efficient.

Cherry Tree Crown Thinning Rayleigh

Cherry belongs to the Prunus tree family and there is an array of fruit bearing species across Europe. Cherry trees can grow wide and tall, often up to 10 metres in height, and even though bear delicious fruit and attractive cherry blossom, they will often grow to an unmanageable state. If a cherry tree on your land needs its canopy thinning, talk to our experts. We offer the expertise required and offer a safe and valued added service in cherry tree crown thinning Rayleigh wide.

Silver Birch Crown Thinning Rayleigh

The silver birch tree, of the Latin Betula Pendula, is a species of tree that is native to the United Kingdom. It can reach heights of 30 metres and tends to maintain a light canopy, although this does benefit from periodical crown thinning so as to allow light and wind to penetrate. At T.H. Tree Services, we have over the years built up a raft of experience in taking care of all the UK’s native tree species. If you have a silver birch tree that needs its overhanging canopy thinned out, you can rely on the capabilities of our silver birch tree crown thinning specialists Rayleigh wide to do so swiftly, safely and proficiently.

Ash Tree Crown Thinning Rayleigh

Ash trees, of the Latin Fraxinus Excelsior, are native to the UK. They can live as long as 400 and often longer when professionally coppiced. Growing to heights of 35 metres is not uncommon for the ash tree which is known for its slender, elegant stance. These trees will also tend grow together to form a domed canopy, so thinning is often a necessity in order to let light through. If you have an ash tree in Rayleigh that needs crown thinning, you can depend upon the knowhow of the tree surgeons at T.H. Tree Services to carry out the task professionally, safely and efficiently.

Plum Tree Crown Thinning Rayleigh

The plum tree is part of the Prunus Domestica family, which also produces damsons and greengages. Plum trees are not native to the UK but are still fairly common throughout the country. They do not grow very tall and are distinctive by their straight branches and spiny twigs. If you have a plum tree that needs its canopy thinning out, we can help. Our qualified Rayleigh plum tree crown thinning specialists fully qualified and have extensive experience in crown thinning across a variety of tree species, including the plum tree.

Cedar Tree Crown Thinning Rayleigh

Cedar trees are evergreen conifers native to the Lebanon, eastern parts of the Mediterranean and areas of Asia. Despite this fact they are fairly common throughout the UK. Of the Latin Cedrus Libani, the wood of the cedar tree has a marvellous added benefit of acting as a natural insect repellent. Cedar trees tend to grow to around 35 metres in height and are characterised by their several trunks. Despite their unusual shape, our Rayleigh cedar tree crown thinning experts have the knowledge to deal with thinning a cedar tree’s crown with ease.

Pine Tree Crown Thinning Rayleigh

There is a variety of species of pine trees including the Scots pine which is one of the most common and one of just three UK native species. The Pinus Sylvestris will reach heights of 35 metres in height and has a lifespan of up to 700 years. Even though these trees grow particularly tall, the expert Rayleigh pine tree crown thinning specialists at T.H. Tree Services are able to tackle any situation with complete expertise, safety and efficiency

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Always provide an excellent service

This is the third time TH Trees have provided tree services to us and we are always really pleased with their friendly, professional service and advice. This time we had a conifer and bush removed and another tree cut right back. Always very tidy, would wholeheartedly recommend.

Thank you Sue for recommending us and for your kind review. It is always a pleasure to help you, and we look forward to being of service again in the future whenever you need us.

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