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Crown Thinning


Tree Crown Thinning Rayleigh

It’s a good idea to thin a tree’s canopy from time to time to allow wind and light to pass through. In Rayleigh, tree crown thinning is one of our most popular services.

Trees with dense canopies can become risky for numerous reasons. The first reason being can be difficult to see if any disease or decay is present. Affected branches run the risk of falling out at any time. The second reason is that dense foliage will repel wind which can lead to damage. These are just some of the reasons why tree crown thinning in Rayleigh is vital.

T.H. Tree Services are qualified tree surgeons with specific expertise in crown thinning. Rayleigh trees of all types can be thinned out leaving them healthy and safe.

How does it work? Firstly we climb into the core of the tree’s crown. Then we start to work from the inside out, thinning out the foliage and taking out any dead wood or heavy branches leaving the tree balanced, healthy and risk free.

The Advantages of Crown Thinning Rayleigh Trees

Once crown thinning is complete, light and wind can pass through easily. Trees are more resistant to storms and high winds and new growth is promoted.

Crown thinning Rayleigh trees keeps the tree’s height but takes down the volume of the canopy. We are often asked to carry out crown thinning when trees have stopped light from getting through.

Do you have trees that could gain advantage from crown thinning? Rayleigh tree surgeons T.H. Tree Services are LANTRA qualified local authority and Trading Standards approved.

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I contacted TH Tree Services to enquire about removing a silver birch tree that was at the side of my property, but a bit too close to a drain. After sending a photo across to them, a fantastic quote was sent back to me and they said that they could fit my tree removal in the following week!

They arrived cheerful and friendly, and coned off the area quickly. They worked quickly, efficiently and were very professional – whilst maintaining a friendly and approachable manner.

I cannot recommend this company enough! They were on budget, friendly, fast and professional. Excellent service and left the area spic-and-span! I will definitely be using this company again.

Jamie Trott

Absolutely brilliant!