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Crown Thinning

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Tree Crown Thinning Hockley

Thinning out the canopy of a tree is good practice. It allows wind and light to penetrate which is good news for everyday living, and for health and safety. Across Hockley, tree crown thinning is one of our most requested services.

When you have a tree with a densely grown canopy, it really can start to pose a hazard. Firstly it makes it hard to see whether there’s any decay or disease going on. If there is, branches could start to fall without notice, posing danger for passers by or property. Secondly, dense foliage works against the wind forming a barrier that could easily be overturned. So you can see why tree crown thinning in Hockley is such an important service.

Here are T.H. Tree Services we are qualified tree surgeons. We have extensive experience in tree crown thinning. Hockley trees of all species can be thinned out so they no longer pose a risk, and are much healthier. Using safety equipment, we climb into the tree’s canopy and remove branches and foliage so the crown is suitably thinned out.

The Many Benefits of Crown Thinning Hockley Trees

When tree crown thinning has been carried out, trees become more resistant so when there is a storm or high winds there is less danger of them being knocked to the ground. Crown thinning also promotes new and healthy growth within a tree.

Do you have trees on your land that could benefit from crown thinning? Hockley tree surgeons T.H. Tree Services are LANTRA qualified local authority and Trading Standards approved. We work to British Standards and are totally committed to health and safety, with an untarnished record in that respect.

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Always provide an excellent service

This is the third time TH Trees have provided tree services to us and we are always really pleased with their friendly, professional service and advice. This time we had a conifer and bush removed and another tree cut right back. Always very tidy, would wholeheartedly recommend.

Thank you Sue for recommending us and for your kind review. It is always a pleasure to help you, and we look forward to being of service again in the future whenever you need us.

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