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Crown Thinning


Tree Crown Thinning Benfleet

Every now and again, it is a good idea to get a tree’s canopy thinned out so that the wind can pass through and it doesn’t block light. This is called tree crown thinning.

Dense trees can become a hazard for many reasons. Firstly, it is hard to see if there are diseased or decayed branches which could fall out at any time. Secondly, dense foliage will resist the wind and that could cause damage. These are just some of the reasons why tree crown thinning in Benfleet is so important.

Crown Thinning: Benfleet Experts Explain the Process

At T.H. Tree Services our tree surgeons are qualified experts in crown thinning. Benfleet trees of all sizes and species are expertly dealt with. This is how it works: we climb right into the heart of the tree’s crown and thin it out by removing any dead wood or heavy branches so that it becomes more balanced and healthy and, above all, safe.

The Benefits of Crown Thinning Benfleet Trees

Once this crown thinning has been carried out, light and wind can pass through with ease. The tree will be more resistant to damage from storms or high winds and the process will support new growth.

Crown thinning Benfleet trees maintains the height whilst reducing the canopy volume. It’s popular for trees that have grown to the point where they are stopping light from penetrating. We often carry out crown thinning in Benfleet on mature trees and in urban areas.

Could your trees benefit from crown thinning? Benfleet tree surgeons T.H. Tree Services are here to help with a LANTRA qualified local authority and Trading Standards approved service.

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