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Crown Thinning


Tree Crown Thinning Canvey

Thinning out the crown of a tree allows wind and light to get through. Throughout Canvey, tree crown thinning is one of our most asked-for services.

Trees with dense canopies can prove hazardous. For one thing, it can be difficult to spot any decay or disease which means branches could start falling without notice. This means danger for property or people passing by. Another issue is that dense foliage forms a barrier against the wind which can cause trees to fall during storms. So it’s easy to see why tree crown thinning in Canvey is such a vital service.

T.H. Tree Services are qualified tree surgeons with long term experience in tree crown thinning. Canvey trees of all species, hardwood or softwood, can be thinned so risk is eliminated and the trees are healthier.

The Many Advantages of Crown Thinning Canvey Trees

Tree crown thinning makes trees more resistant so, when there is a storm or high winds, the risk of them being felled and damaging property or causing injury is reduced. Crown thinning also boosts new and healthy growth for a tree.

Do you have trees on your land that could take advantage from crown thinning? Canvey tree surgeons T.H. Tree Services are LANTRA qualified and local authority and Trading Standards approved as well as British Standards accredited. Our health and safety record is completely clean thanks to our commitment to thorough risk assessments.

For expert advice and competitive rates in tree crown thinning Canvey wide, call T.H. Tree Services on 01268 642 814.

We recently used T & H to cut 5 trees down including stumps, I was more than happy with the price and their professionalism, 3 really nice cheerful guys arrived on time, and worked really hard, even cutting up the trees into manageable logs , I highly recommend T & H tree Services.
Thank you guys:-)

D. Young

Amazing fellers – 5 trees removed