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Bamboo removal

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Thurrock Bamboo Removal Specialists

Are you looking for a solution to remove or control overgrown bamboo? For Thurrock bamboo removal, you can trust TH Trees Ltd.

Renowned for our skilled knowledge across all aspects of tree surgery and tree care, TH Trees Ltd have been taking care of the needs of Thurrock homeowners, landlords and estate managers for more than 15 years. Bamboo control and removal is one of our specialist areas of expertise and we have been highly successful in removing this invasive plant from gardens and commercial and public land on numerous occasions.

Bamboo is an invasive plant that often surprises people with the rate at which it takes over a piece of land or a garden. If you thought it might be a good idea at the time to plant bamboo, but you are now regretting it, you are certainly not alone. Thankfully though there are methods that can be used to control or eliminate it.

What is the problem with bamboo?

Bamboo is an very hardy, woody perennial that can grow up to 20 metres in height.

Many people admire it for its ornamental appearance, however if it’s not kept under control and allowed to grow without regular pruning, it can quickly become invasive, breaking through its boundaries like a weed. Bamboo that spreads via ‘rhizomes’ colonises new areas at high speed, creating a real nuisance by taking over before you even realise there’s a problem.

Rhizomes are underground stems that grow horizontally. They throw out lateral roots at intervals. These ‘creeping rootstalks’ as they are also known thrive underground and act as a store for starches and proteins, allowing plants to survive adverse weather (perennate). In other words, not even the hardest frost will kill off bamboo.

Bamboo is a troublesome plant because its shoots can pop up anywhere in the garden, or even on neighbouring land. They are so strong they can even get through solid barriers such as conservatory floors or patios. Even the thickest weed-suppressant ground membranes are no match for bamboo.

Bamboo that forms in clumps is the worst type as it soon becomes extremely challenging to control.

Bamboo control measures

When it comes to Thurrock bamboo control there are various solutions to explore.

To eliminate bamboo altogether, patience is necessary, so be prepared to go the long haul. Sadly there are no quick fix, 100 per cent effective solutions for bamboo removal, and we will look more closely at this issue later. For now let’s explore the subject of bamboo control because you may well wish to keep some of yours; ‘some’ being the operative word.

There are two main methods we use to control bamboo. One is chemical, the other is non-chemical.

Chemical control involves using weedkiller to either remove unwanted parts of the plant, or to remove it completely. Larger plants can prove quite a challenge to eradicate without a trace though, so you may need to persevere for some time the whole lot is gone for good.

Non-chemical control involves digging out clumps of the bamboo to stop it from spreading. For particularly large bamboo plants, or where the soil is heavy, again this is going to prove quite an arduous task, but with patience, effort and expertise it can be possible.

If you would prefer to keep a proportion of your bamboo and get it down to a manageable level, we can create a physical barrier to contain it. A trench will need to be dug to a minimum of 60cm deep, although ideally we’ll go to 1.2 metres deep where possible. The trench is then lined with solid materials such as paving slabs or root barrier fabric. Pond liner is a waste of time as the rhizomes of the bamboo will easily penetrate it. The barrier will protrude a good 7.5cm above the level of the soil, otherwise the bamboo stems will arch over the top.

Thurrock bamboo removal

Where bamboo plants are fairly under control but you don’t want them anymore, the first thing we do is sever the underground rhizomes from the parent plant. We then apply a tough stump and weedkiller formulation. Regrowth will usually continue for a period of time and we will provide you with instructions on how to treat the new foliage with the weedkiller until the entire plant diminishes. You are welcome to call us back where required to keep the treatment going until the plant has reached its complete demise.

For especially large bamboo plants, we start by cutting the canes right back to ground level. This is usually done in late winter. Once spring arrives we will come back and apply a specialist weedkiller to the young growth that starts coming through. This will continue as required until the plant eventually dies off altogether. Bear in mind though that this can be a lengthy process that will need patience and investment.

Bamboo removal services in Thurrock

Tried to remove bamboo yourself but not getting anywhere? This is a common problem. Bamboo removal really is a specialist undertaking, so why not hand over to the experts?

We have successfully removed bamboo and its rhizomes for very large numbers of homeowners, landlords and estate managers Thurrock wide.

Do be aware though that bamboo is a virulent plant and that there are no guarantees that it won’t come back during the early stages of bamboo removal treatment. However, we do make a promise to all our customers that we are committed to doing all we can   to remove unwanted bamboo using the most relevant expert methods. You can also rest assured of our honesty at all times when it comes to advising you on the prospects of success. We offer a value-added revisit service should regrowth occur after the initial treatment.

Thurrock bamboo removal – what is the cost?

Due to the uncertainty with Thurrock bamboo removal, we can only offer an estimate rather than a fixed quote. However, we do guarantee to keep you informed as the work progresses and you will enjoy total peace of mind that our expertise, experience and persistence will ensure you receive the very best value for money. As local authority, Trading Standards and Safe4Site Gold approved tree surgeons, we are well-placed to make this guarantee to you.

For Expert Bamboo Removal Thurrock Wide, contact TH Trees Ltd.

At TH Trees Ltd we have been specialising in tree surgery for more than 15 years. This, together with our locally renowned reputation and qualifications puts us in the best position possible to provide a quality service.

For a no-obligation consultation and friendly, helpful advice on your Thurrock bamboo removal requirements, call 01268 642814. We look forward to being of assistance.

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