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Bamboo removal

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Grays Bamboo Removal Experts

Is out of control or overgrown bamboo causing you a problem? If you need Grays bamboo removal or could do with some sort of solution to control your bamboo, T.H. Tree Services have the knowledge to assist.

Established over 15 years, T.H. Tree Services are well known for our in-depth knowledge of all aspects of tree surgery and tree care services. Bamboo control and removal is one of our specialist areas of expertise. We have successfully removed this invasive plant from a large quantity of gardens and public areas Grays wide.

Did you know that bamboo is an invasive plant? Most people do not realise this when they plant it and are surprised to later discover that the plant and its roots have swamped large expanses of their land. If this sounds like you, you are definitely not alone. The good news is that there are methods to tackle this issue. So, if you are looking for Grays bamboo removal, read on.

About bamboo

Bamboo is an extremely hardy plant. It is a woody perennial known to reach heights of up to 20 metres.

Whilst it is considered desirable as an ornamental plant, when left to grow without being kept under control, it can rapidly become invasive, spreading quickly beyond its boundaries and acting like a weed. Bamboo that spreads via ‘rhizomes’ is a particular nuisance because it colonises new areas and takes over before you know it.

Rhizomes are underground stems that grow horizontally. They put out lateral roots at intervals. Also referred to as creeping rootstalks, these underground systems store starches and proteins, allowing plants to survive adverse weather (perennate) underground.

The issue with bamboo

There are actually a few issues with bamboo. One is that its shoots can pop up anywhere in the garden or on neighbouring land. They are even strong enough to penetrate solid barriers like conservatory floors or patios. Even if you try to control them with weed-suppressant ground covers, the robust capabilities of bamboo will often win through.

Another issue is that the bamboo types that form in clumps can quickly grow out of control and become very difficult to constrain.

Bamboo control

There are numerous options that can be explored when it comes to Grays bamboo control.

If you want to get rid of your bamboo completely, a degree of patience will be required.  Unfortunately there are no hard and fast, guaranteed solutions for bamboo removal, but let’s talk about that a bit later. We’ll look first at bamboo control.

There are two main ways to control bamboo: chemical and non-chemical.

Chemical control involves using weedkiller to either remove unwanted parts of the plant, or to get rid of it altogether. The bigger the bamboo plant though, the more of a challenge you will face if you want to completely eradicate it. You may need to persevere for quite a while before victory is yours.

Non-chemical control involves digging out clumps of the bamboo to restrict its spread. Where plants are especially large, or the soil is heavy, be prepared for something of a challenge.

If you, like some people do, wish to keep your bamboo but just maintain it at a manageable size, the best thing to do is create a physical barrier. You’ll need to dig a trench of a minimum of 60cm deep, although if you can you should try to go down to 1.2 metres. Line the trench with solid materials like paving slabs, or use root barrier fabric. Don’t bother with pond liner because it is no match for the rhizomes of the bamboo. The barrier will need to protrude a good 7.5cm above soil level, otherwise the bamboo stems will arch over the top.

Grays Bamboo removal methods

Once a bamboo plant has become overgrown, removing it really is a very specialist undertaking. This is how we approach it.

Where bamboo plants are mostly under control but you want to get rid of it, then will start by severing the underground rhizomes from the parent plant. The next step is to need to apply a tough stump and weedkiller formulation. Regrowth will usually continue for a while, so we’ll leave you with instructions on how to treat the foliage with the weedkiller until the whole plant subsides. We can also revisit where necessary to keep the treatment going for you until the plant is finally gone.

For particularly large bamboo plants, we will cut the canes down to ground level to begin with, usually in late winter. We’ll then wait until the following spring and apply a specialist weedkiller to the young growth that appears. We’ll continue this as necessary until the plant eventually subsides. You should be warned that this can be an ongoing process that continues for a while until we achieve success.

Bamboo removal services in Grays

Many people try bamboo removal themselves but soon discover that it is nowhere near as straightforward as they imagined. If this is the situation in your case, or you simply just don’t relish the thought of attempting it yourself, why not call in the expertise of T.H. Tree Services?

We have successfully removed bamboo and its rhizomes for extensive numbers of homeowners and estate managers across Grays.

It is crucial to understand that bamboo removal does call for a certain degree of patience and flexibility. This really is a virulent plant and there are no guarantees that it will not start grow back once the initial work is complete. However, we do promise our customers that we will always do all we can to remove unwanted bamboo using the most appropriate specialist methods AND we will never be anything but completely honest with you as to the prospects of success for your particular bamboo plant.

We offer a revisit service at value-added rates should regrowth occur after the initial treatment.

How much does Grays bamboo removal cost?

Because of the uncertainty with Grays bamboo removal, we can only provide an estimate rather than a fixed quote. However, we do promise to keep you informed as the work progresses and you can have complete peace of mind that our expertise and experience and our tenacity will ensure you get the very best value for money. As local authority, Trading Standards and Safe4Site Gold approved tree surgeons, we are confident to make this guarantee to you.

For Cost Effective Grays Bamboo Removal Expertise, contact T.H. Tree Services

At T.H. Tree Services we have been specialising in tree surgery for over 15 years. This, combined with our well-regarded reputation and qualifications, means we are in the best position possible to deliver the utmost in quality of service and value for money to all our customers.

For a no-obligation consultation and friendly, helpful advice on your Grays bamboo removal needs, call 01268 642814. We look forward to being of assistance.

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