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Bamboo removal

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Great Wakering Bamboo Removal Specialists

Need to remove or control bamboo that has become unruly? For Great Wakering bamboo removal, turn to TH Trees Ltd.

Known for our in-depth knowledge covering all aspects of tree surgery and tree care, TH Trees Ltd have been looking after the needs of Thurrock householders, landlords and estate managers for over 15 years.

Bamboo control and removal is one of our main areas of specialism and we have been continuously successful in permanently removing this invasive plant from a range of sites.

Why is bamboo such a problem?

Bamboo is an invasive plant that grows at alarming rates. You may have considered it a good idea to plant bamboo, but you may be now lamenting that decision. And you are by no means alone. The good news though is that there are ways of controlling it and getting rid of it altogether.

Bamboo is a very hardy, woody perennial. It can reach heights of up to 20 metres.

Whilst appreciated for its ornamental appeal, bamboo does need to be kept under control with periodical pruning, otherwise it will rapidly start to invade a space and act like a weed, breaking through all its boundaries.

Bamboo spreads via ‘rhizomes’, allowing it to colonise new areas at high speed, making a nuisance of itself by taking over ad creating a problem before anything can be done about it.

Rhizomes are underground stems that grow horizontally. They throw out lateral roots at intervals. These ‘creeping rootstalks’ as they are also known thrive underground and act as a store for starches and proteins, allowing plants to perennate, in other words survive harsh winters, meaning even if there is a hard frost, bamboo will stay strong.

Bamboo creates problems due to the ability of its shoots to pop up anywhere in the garden or on neighbouring land. These roots are so robust they can even penetrate solid barriers, like conservatory floors or patios. Even the thickest weed-suppressant ground membranes will not withstand the power of bamboo, especially if it forms in clumps where it becomes even more of a challenge to control.

How to control bamboo

When it comes to Great Wakering bamboo removal and control there are various solutions to explore.

To get rid of bamboo completely, patience is essential. You should be ready to stick with it for the long haul. There is no instant fix or totally effective solution for bamboo removal, so bamboo control is usually the best course of action. In cases where you want to keep a part of your bamboo plant, you can also follow these instructions.

There are two main methods used to control bamboo, one being chemical based, the other non-chemical.

Chemical bamboo control

This involves using weed killer to either remove unwanted parts of the plant or all of it. Larger plants can be difficult to eliminate completely, so you may need to persevere over time to achieve the results you want.

Non-Chemical bamboo control

This involves digging out clumps of the bamboo with the aim of preventing it from spreading. For especially large bamboo plants, or where they are planted in heavy soil, be sure to apply patience and perseverance because you are going to need it.

Keeping part of your bamboo

Want to maintain some of your bamboo? Here’s how you can do that and reduce it down to a more manageable level.

The key is to create a physical barrier to contain it. You’ll need to dig a trench to a minimum of 60cm deep, although ideally 1.2 metres deep where possible. The trench should then be then lined with solid materials, for example paving slabs or root barrier fabric. Don’t bother with pond liner; this is a total waste of time as the bamboo rhizomes will not fail to penetrate it. The barrier needs to protrude at least 7.5cm above the level of the soil, otherwise the bamboo stems will arch over the top.

Great Wakering bamboo removal – the specialist help you need

If you have a bamboo plant that is under control but you want to get rid of it, there is a set process to follow. Here’s how we approach it.

  1. Sever the underground rhizomes from the parent plant.
  2. Apply a tough stump and weedkiller formulation.
  3. Regrowth will usually carry on for a while and we will provide instructions on how to treat the new foliage with the weedkiller until the entire plant dies back.
  4. You can call us back as you need us to maintain the treatment until the plant has completely diminished.

For especially large bamboo plants, we start by cutting the canes right back to ground level, usually in late winter. When spring comes around, we return and apply a specialist weedkiller to the young growth. This will carry on as needed until the plant eventually dies back completely. You must consider though that this can be a prolonged process that will need patience and investment.

Bamboo removal services in Great Wakering

We have been successful in removing bamboo and bamboo rhizomes for homeowners, landlords and estate managers Great Wakering wide.

You must consider though that bamboo is a very active and robust plant which means there are no guarantees that it won’t return during the early stages of bamboo removal treatment.

We do however promise all our customers that we are dedicated to doing whatever we can to remove unwanted bamboo and that we will make use of the most relevant expert methods. We will also guarantee total honesty throughout concerning the prospects of success. We offer a guaranteed revisit service should regrowth occur after the initial treatment.

Great Wakering bamboo removal – how much does it cost?

Due to the uncertainty with Great Wakering bamboo removal, we can only provide an estimate rather than a fixed quote. However, we do guarantee to keep you informed as the work progresses and you will benefit from our expertise, experience and tenacity which translate into value for money. As local authority, Trading Standards and Safe4Site Gold approved tree surgeons, we are in the best position to make this guarantee to you.

For Expert Bamboo Removal Great Wakering Wide, talk to TH Trees Ltd.

At TH Trees Ltd we have been specialising in tree surgery for over 15 years. For a no-obligation consultation and friendly, helpful advice on your Great Wakering bamboo removal requirements, call 01268 642814. We look forward to being of assistance.

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