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Tree Reports Rochford, Battlesbridge, Hullbridge, Hawkwell & Barling

It’s completely your responsibility to make sure any trees on your land are in good health. If they are diseased or hazardous and this results in damage to property or personal injury then you will be liable. You might think you’ll be covered on your insurance, but if you have not taken steps to maintain your trees, then you will find any claim won’t stand.

There is a single way to be completely sure your trees are not posing a danger and that is to commission a tree report. Rochford wide it is a much requested service for T.H. Tree Services.

Across Rochford, Battlesbridge, Hullbridge, Hawkwell and Barling tree reports absolutely have to be conducted by qualified tree surgeons. If they’re not, they won’t qualify for any insurance policy or health and safety policy.

Battlesbridge Tree Reports: How they Work

A Picus sonic tomograph is how all tree reports Battlesbridge wide begin. It’s how we find out whether a tree is diseased or damaged. The system uses sound waves which indicate problems that lie deep inside a tree’s trunk. Once we know what’s going on, we’ll produce the tree report, which is an official document.

In Hullbridge and Hawkwell, tree reports are needed for a variety of reasons:

  1. Moving into a new home, unsure of the health or safety of a tree on the land
  2. Selling a house, need a tree report for the buyer
  3. Selling commercial land, buyer needs a tree report
  4. Commercial or public property needs to comply with health and safety
  5. Planning application requires details of tree status on the land
  6. Peace of mind after a storm or high winds

Rochford Tree Reports: Why opt for T.H. Tree Services?

We have a decade of experience in preparing comprehensive tree reports. Rochford local authorities engage us on a regular basis and have reassurance in our knowhow.

We are Trading Standards and local authority approved and British Standards accredited. Our health and safety record is completely unblemished thanks to our comprehensive risk assessments and ongoing training and investment in top of the range equipment.

For official tree reports in Rochford, Battlesbridge, Hullbridge, Hawkwell and Barling with a fast turnaround and competitive rates, call T.H Tree Services on 01268 642 814.

We recently used T & H to cut 5 trees down including stumps, I was more than happy with the price and their professionalism, 3 really nice cheerful guys arrived on time, and worked really hard, even cutting up the trees into manageable logs , I highly recommend T & H tree Services.
Thank you guys:-)

D. Young

Amazing fellers – 5 trees removed