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If you have trees on your land, it is your responsibility to ensure they are healthy. Sometimes trees can become diseased or dangerous, and you might not even know about it. There might be loose branches that could fall at any time. And if any damage is caused, or someone sustains an injury, if you’ve failed to take care of your trees, you won’t be covered on any insurance policy.

There is only one way to be totally certain that your trees are not hazardous and that is to commission a tree report. Hadleigh wide it is popular service for the experts at T.H. Tree Services.

In Hadleigh, Rawreth or South Benfleet, tree reports must be carried out by qualified tree surgeons, otherwise they won’t qualify for any insurance policy or health and safety check.

Tree reports commence with an inspection using a Picus sonic tomograph. This ascertains whether a tree is diseased or damaged using sound waves which indicate issues that lie deep inside a tree’s trunk. The tree report is prepared once we’re clear on the results of the tests.

South Benfleet Tree Reports: What They’re For

In Sough Benfleet and Rawreth, tree reports are requested for different reasons. It could be for people who have just moved in to a new house and are uncertain as to the safety or health of the trees on their new property. It might be that a person is selling a house or commercial property and the buyers have requested a report on the health of the trees on the land. It might also be that you have responsibility for health and safety and need to carry out regular checks. It could also be necessary for a planning application, or simply for peace of mind after a storm.

Hadleigh Tree Reports: Why Use T.H. Tree Services?

T.H Tree Services have 10 years’ experience in preparing thorough, official tree reports. Hadleigh local authorities use us regularly and trust our knowledge. Commercial landowners, health and safety managers and private homeowners do too.

We are Trading Standards and local authority approved and British Standards accredited. We have an untarnished health and safety record and have never had to claim on our insurance and this is all down to our comprehensive risk assessments and continuous training as well as our investment in quality equipment.

Need a tree report in South Benfleet, Rawreth or Hadleigh? T.H. Tree Services offers a dependable service and a fast turnaround to avoid any delays.

For official tree reports Hadleigh, Rawreth & South Benfleet wide with a speedy turnaround and excellent rates, call T.H Tree Services on 01268 642 814.

We recently contacted Terry to remove a large tree stump from close to our patio area. Terry and his team arrived the next day and removed the stump professionally and extremely quickly, he also removed an additional stump for us. We would not hesitate to recommend Terry and his team for a very fast, reliable and reasonably priced service. Five Stars all round. Thank you.


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