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Stump Grinding

Leigh on Sea

Stump Grinding Leigh on Sea

Tree stumps left behind after a tree has been felled can cause an obstruction and can even pose a health and safety risk. If you have a tree stump that’s getting in the way and would like to have it removed professionally, T.H. Tree Services are at your service. What you need is stump grinding. Leigh on Sea homeowners and land managers use it regularly to safely and effectively get rid of tree stumps and leave the ground flat and clear.

Need to remove a tree stump in Leigh on Sea? Perhaps you’d like clear the way for a home extension, some decking, a new outbuilding or a nice lawn? Get in touch with T.H. Tree Services. A free estimate is offered and there’s no obligation.

Leigh on Sea Stump Grinding: How it Works

When we carry out stump grinding in Leigh on Sea, we’ll usually grind the stump out to a depth of 6-12 inches so it’s removed totally. The chips are used to fill the hole, leaving a flush surface and no waste.

Our top of the range, modern equipment, which includes the superior self-propelled stump grinding machine, means we can offer a service that’s good value for money. Restricted access? No problem. When we embark on stump grinding in Leigh, it’s a specialist machine that we use. It has the ability to access gaps as narrow as 29 inches. Our tree stump grinding machinery can be used for tree stumps measuring 2 inches to 4ft and up to 1ft deep.

How much does tree stump grinding in Leigh on Sea cost? It’s a question we’re regularly asked. The answer is, it depends on the size of the tree stump and also on the species of tree as hardwood can be more difficult than softwood to grind out. Just be assured that you’ll get the most cost effective rates for Leigh on Sea tree stump removal whenever you engage T.H. Tree Services.

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For cost effective rates in tree stump removal Leigh on Sea wide from Trading Standards approved tree surgeons, call T.H Tree Services on 01268 642 814.

We recently had some work done by Terry Holland (T.H.Tree Services)and his team to remove a Rowan tree and prune a very large Viburnum shrub to shape.
They were efficient, quick, hard-working enthusiastic, professional, very knowledgeable and friendly. In fact a faultless 1st class team who carried out a superb top rate job, all remarkably within an hour of starting, clearing and tidying up and at an excellent price.
We certainly would use again and highly recommend.

Christine & Jack Dorling

Tree removal and prune large shrub