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Stump Grinding Essex

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Stump Grinding Billericay

Tree stumps can cause an obstruction when they’ve been left behind. They can present a health and safety hazard too. If you have a tree stump on your land that is blocking your way, and you want to remove it professionally, T.H. Tree Services can help. The service to ask for is stump grinding. Billericay people request it on a regular basis for the safe, effective removal of tree stumps that leaves the way clear for anything such as decking, a shed or greenhouse, a new lawn, flower beds, fencing or even a home extension.

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Help Us provide the best prices for Stump Grinding Billericay Wide, by providing the following:

So that we can give you an accurate idea of the cost of undertaking your stump removal work it would be helpful if you could have the following information readily available:

1. The number of tree stumps to be removed
2. The type of tree or species
3. The height of the stump(s)
4. The width of the stump(s)
5. Their position e.g. next to a building, on a slope, in a wood etc
6. How access is gained to the tree stumps e.g. via next door’s garden, direct from the road over a hard driveway, via a paddock, up a bank etc
7. The width of any restricted access way (26 inches min)

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Billericay Stump Grinding: Here’s How it Works

Our stump grinding in Billericay involves grinding the stump out to a depth of 6-12 inches. This means it’s removed completely. We’ll fill the hole with the wood chips produced so there is no waste and the surface is nice and flat.

Our top notch equipment, including the superior self-propelled stump grinding machine, allows us to offer a service that’s fantastic value for money. Do you have restricted access to the site of the tree stump? This is no problem at all. When we undertake stump grinding in Billericay we use a specialist machine which can easily access gaps as narrow as 29 inches. Tree stumps measuring 2 inches to 4ft and up to 1ft deep can be tackled by our machinery.

Costs for Tree Stump Grinding Billericay Wide

We are often asked during the initial enquiry how much tree stump grinding in Billericay costs. We always say it depends on the size of the tree stump and also on the tree species. This is because it can be more difficult to grind out hardwood than softwood. Whatever happens you can rest assured you’ll get the best value rates for Billericay tree stump removal when you hire T.H. Tree Services.

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For excellent value rates in tree stump removal Billericay wide, from tree surgeons who are Trading Standards approved, call T.H Tree Services on 01268 642 814.

Always provide an excellent service

This is the third time TH Trees have provided tree services to us and we are always really pleased with their friendly, professional service and advice. This time we had a conifer and bush removed and another tree cut right back. Always very tidy, would wholeheartedly recommend.

Thank you Sue for recommending us and for your kind review. It is always a pleasure to help you, and we look forward to being of service again in the future whenever you need us.

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