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South Woodham Ferrers

Storm Damaged Tree Removal South Woodham Ferrers

Storm damaged trees South Woodham Ferrers wide can create safety issues for householders, commercial land owners and local authorities alike. If you have a tree on your land that has fallen in high winds or has been damaged during a storm then you must take immediate action.

Throughout South Woodham Ferrers, storm damaged trees can lead to perilous problems. This is precisely why they must be seen to urgently by experienced experts who have the right equipment and knowhow.

Storm Damage Tree Removal South Woodham Ferrers: Emergency Service

T.H. Tree Services are tree surgeons with extensive experience. All the necessary equipment is on hand in our armoury so we are able to handle storm damaged tree removal South Woodham Ferrers wide with the greatest of efficiency and safety.

We offer an emergency tree removal service. South Woodham Ferrers home and business owners and public land managers can therefore have the peace of mind that if they are dealing with a storm damaged tree that’s preventing access or posing danger to people or property, or a tree with loose branches that could fall at any moment, we will always go out of our way to reschedule other less urgent work in order to get out to them immediately.

South Woodham Ferrers Storm Damaged Tree Removal: Whatever the Weather

Even when the weather is harsh and the winds are still blowing, whatever the time of day and whatever day of the week, here at T.H. Tree Services we will always work hard to find a safe way to deal with your storm damaged trees. South Woodham Ferrers wide it’s what we’ve become known for over the past decade. So rest assured we’ll get the job done swiftly and safely, no matter how bad the weather.

Storm Damaged Tree Removal South Woodham Ferrers: Who Pays?

We are asked this question often. You’ll probably find you’ve got cover on your buildings and contents insurance to remove a tree or heavy branches that has fallen onto yours or a neighbour’s property or outbuildings, as well as putting right any damage caused as the tree fell.

If the tree or branches haven’t actually hit anything or aren’t preventing access though, it will usually be down to you to cover the costs of removing it. If a tree falls on a vehicle, you’ll need to claim on the motor insurance policy.

South Woodham Ferrers Storm Damaged Tree Removal: Trading Standards Approved.

T.H. Tree Services are Trading Standards approved tree surgeons. South Woodham Ferrers property owners and local authorities can engage us with confidence based on our experience, qualifications, safety policies, solution finding capabilities and fair, affordable rates.

Looking for emergency storm damaged tree removal in South Woodham Ferrers? We’re here for you any time, 7 days a week. Call T.H. Tree Services on 01268 642 814if you are worried about a tree that has fallen or may be posing a risk. Competitive rates and helpful service guaranteed.

I contacted TH Tree Services to enquire about removing a silver birch tree that was at the side of my property, but a bit too close to a drain. After sending a photo across to them, a fantastic quote was sent back to me and they said that they could fit my tree removal in the following week!

They arrived cheerful and friendly, and coned off the area quickly. They worked quickly, efficiently and were very professional – whilst maintaining a friendly and approachable manner.

I cannot recommend this company enough! They were on budget, friendly, fast and professional. Excellent service and left the area spic-and-span! I will definitely be using this company again.

Jamie Trott

Absolutely brilliant!