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Storm Damaged Tree Removal Canvey

Storm damaged trees Canvey wide can pose great problems and cause concern for homeowners, landowners and local authorities. If there’s a tree on your land that has fallen or been damaged in high winds you must do something about it without delay. Across Canvey, storm damaged trees can result in dangerous safety issues and for this reason they have to be dealt with straight away by trained experts with the right equipment.

Emergency Storm Damaged Tree Removal Canvey

T.H. Tree Services are qualified and experienced tree surgeons. We have all the necessary equipment at our disposal to deal safely and efficiently with storm damaged trees Canvey wide.

We provide an emergency tree removal service. Canvey people can rest assured that if they have a fallen tree that’s blocking access or causing danger, or a tree whose branches have loosened in a storm and could drop out and cause damage or injury at any moment, we will always do everything we can to reschedule any non-urgent work so we can attend urgently.

Removing Storm Damaged Trees Canvey: in All Weathers

Even when severe weather conditions are upon us, whatever time of day it is and any day of the week, we will always find a solution to deal with storm damaged trees. Canvey wide we have been doing just that for 10 years, so you can have the greatest peace of mind that you can rely on us to get the job done quickly and safely, whatever the weather.

Storm Damaged Tree Removal Canvey: Who Should Foot the Bill?

We are asked this question on a regular basis. You’ll probably be covered on your buildings and contents insurance to remove a tree that has fallen onto your property, or onto a neighbour’s property. You’ll also usually be paid out to repair any damage caused as the tree fell.

You’ll also usually be paid out to remove a tree or heavy branches that have fallen onto decking or outhouses on your property or a neighbour’s. However, if the tree hasn’t actually hit anything or isn’t causing a problem with blocked access, it will usually be your responsibility to cover the costs. If a tree falls on a vehicle, the motor insurance policy is the one to claim on.

Trading Standards Approved Canvey Island Storm Damaged Tree Removal.

T.H. Tree Services are Trading Standards approved tree surgeons. Canvey householders, commercial property owners and local authorities can therefore place their trust in us for our experience, qualifications, health and safety commitment, our expertise in finding solutions to complex situations and our highly competitive rates.

Need emergency storm damaged tree removal in Canvey Island? We’re available any time, 7 days a week. If a tree has fallen or appears as though it might lose branches in high winds, call T.H. Tree Services on 01268 642 814. Affordable rates and friendly service at your disposal.

We recently had some work done by Terry Holland (T.H.Tree Services)and his team to remove a Rowan tree and prune a very large Viburnum shrub to shape.
They were efficient, quick, hard-working enthusiastic, professional, very knowledgeable and friendly. In fact a faultless 1st class team who carried out a superb top rate job, all remarkably within an hour of starting, clearing and tidying up and at an excellent price.
We certainly would use again and highly recommend.

Christine & Jack Dorling

Tree removal and prune large shrub