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Great Wakering

Tree Pollarding Great Wakering, Little Wakering & Shoeburyness

Trees that start to clash with overhead power lines or grow out onto the public highway and interfere with traffic need to be dealt with immediately as they can pose a risk. Or you might have a tree on your land that has started to overhang a neighbouring property, block light or grow too close to the house or an outbuilding. The service that deals with this is called tree pollarding. Great Wakering wide it’s a service we undertake on a regular basis, especially for local authorities but also for private householders and owners of commercial land.

One thing you need to be sure of when hiring a company to undertake tree pollarding in Great Wakering is that they adhere to safe working practices. Another is that they offer excellent value and fair rates for a job well done. T.H. Tree Services offers all of this.

Tree Pollarding in Shoeburyness: How it Works

Across Little Wakering and Shoeburyness, tree pollarding is one of the most effective ways to keep trees under control long term, especially the types that tend to grow bushy canopies. When we carry out tree pollarding Great Wakering wide, the lower branches are taken out as well as most of the tree’s crown. We also trim the higher branches too. It’s a long term fix and also a very specialist procedure because it’s vital that care is taken to maintain the health of the tree and promote strong and controlled growth.

This is why tree pollarding in Great Wakering and Shoeburyness must be carried out by professional tree surgeons with the right qualifications, plenty of experience and all the best cutting edge specialist equipment. Hire the right people and you will have complete reassurance that your tree pollarding will be completed to the highest standards as well as safely, effectively and with the health of the tree always considered.

Great Wakering Tree Pollarding: The Experts you can Trust

T.H. Tree Services are members of the Trading Standards Buy with Confidence scheme and are local authority approved tree surgeons. We are British Standards compliant and have ten years’ experience. Call us today to arrange your free, no obligation consultation.

For Trading Standards Approved tree pollarding Great Wakering, Little Wakering & Shoeburyness wide at fair, affordable rates, get in touch with T.H Tree Services on 01268 62814.

We recently had some work done by Terry Holland (T.H.Tree Services)and his team to remove a Rowan tree and prune a very large Viburnum shrub to shape.
They were efficient, quick, hard-working enthusiastic, professional, very knowledgeable and friendly. In fact a faultless 1st class team who carried out a superb top rate job, all remarkably within an hour of starting, clearing and tidying up and at an excellent price.
We certainly would use again and highly recommend.

Christine & Jack Dorling

Tree removal and prune large shrub