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Bowers Gifford

Tree Pollarding Bowers Gifford, Fobbing, Corringham, Stanford le Hope & Linford

When trees start to interfere with overhead cables, overhang the public highway or clash with high sided vehicles, action needs to be taken and the service you need in Bowers Gifford is tree pollarding. As a local authority you will need the peace of mind of a fully qualified, Trading Standards approved tree surgeon who you know will conduct comprehensive risk assessments. T.H. Tree Services offers all of this, together with a fully unblemished health and safety record.

As a homeowner, you may have a problem with a tree overhanging a neighbour’s garden, or growing too close to an outbuilding or blocking light. Again, you need reassurance that the people carrying out your Stanford le Hope tree pollarding really know what they are doing so as to maintain safety and the health of the tree.

Tree Pollarding in Corringham: How it Works

Across Corringham and Fobbing, tree pollarding is one of the best methods to control trees that have a tendency to grow thick canopies. When we carry out tree pollarding Corringham wide, we remove the lower branches plus the bulk of the tree’s crown and then also cut back the higher branches. It’s a very specialist procedure as great care has to be taken not to damage the tree and in fact on the contrary, to promote its good health and strong growth.

For this reason, tree pollarding in Linford and Stanford le Hope must be carried out by experienced, qualified professionals using cutting edge specialist equipment. That way you will have total peace of mind that the job will be completed safely, effectively and with the health of the tree always considered.

Bowers Gifford Tree Pollarding: Experts at Your Service

T.H. Tree Services are Trading Standards and local authority approved tree surgeons. We are British Standards compliant and have ten years’ experience. A no obligation consultation is offered so please get in touch.

For Trading Standards Approved, British Standards compliant tree pollarding Bowers Gifford, Fobbing, Corringham, Stanford le Hope & Linford wide, at competitive rates, get in touch with T.H Tree Services on 01268 62814.

Excellent service. Quick response on the quote. Very reasonable. Good communication and came when they said they would. Took everything away so no mess. Will definitely use again and would highly recommend. Excellent.

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