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Dead Wood Pruning Wickford

Every tree will have dead wood at some stage, it’s a natural part of the growth cycle. Removing dead wood is a very important aspect of tree maintenance that we deal with here at T.H. Tree Services. In Wickford, dead wood pruning encourages healthy and strong growth, and makes trees safe. Because dead wood will often work loose, it’s vital to remove it so that it doesn’t pose a hazard to passers-by.

Wickford Dead Wood Pruning: How it Works

We offer dead wood pruning, Wickford wide, for homes, private commercial land and public sector property. We start by visiting to conduct an assessment of the tree whereby we’ll check that any dead wood hasn’t been caused by disease. As qualified tree surgeons, Wickford people can rely on us to detect and deal with anything untoward that may be affecting their trees and causing issues that dead wooding may not alleviate.

Wickford dead wood pruning is a very popular service for private land, parks, gardens, public spaces and avenues, all of which are made safer by the removal of dead wood.

Dead Wood Pruning in Wickford for Safer Trees

Dead wood pruning in Wickford carried out by our LANTRA qualified tree surgeons leads to safer, healthier trees. Dead wood is unpredictable and can fall from a tree at any time due to becoming weak and brittle. It could potentially injure people and property and therefore needs to be dealt with professionally by those in the know.

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We recently used T & H to cut 5 trees down including stumps, I was more than happy with the price and their professionalism, 3 really nice cheerful guys arrived on time, and worked really hard, even cutting up the trees into manageable logs , I highly recommend T & H tree Services.
Thank you guys:-)

D. Young

Amazing fellers – 5 trees removed