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Dead Wood Pruning Southend

Dead wood on a tree is not necessarily an indication that the tree is unhealthy – it is a natural part of a tree’s growth cycle.  Removing this dead wood is an important part of tree maintenance, encouraging strong and healthy growth and making the tree safer too.

As a tree grows bigger it is natural that some of the wood will die off, it could be the first sign of disease or decay but it’s more often just the natural life cycle of a tree.  T.H Tree Services provides essential dead wood pruning Southend wide.  After we receive a call we come and conduct a full assessment of the tree, making sure the dead wood is not the symptom of a more serious disease.  Once we’ve established the extent of the dead wood, and the causes, we will start dead wooding to remove all the decayed branches.

Dead Wood Pruning Southend: Keeping Trees Healthy

The dead wood pruning Southend wide that’s offered by our professional tree surgeons makes trees safer.  By removing weak, dead wood that can be heavy and at risk of falling the hazard is eliminated. Wood that has died becomes weak and brittle and if it’s left unattended it will fall, possibly causing serious damage to passers-by, property and vehicles.  Our services in dead wooding in Southend eliminate this risk.

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We recently used T & H to cut 5 trees down including stumps, I was more than happy with the price and their professionalism, 3 really nice cheerful guys arrived on time, and worked really hard, even cutting up the trees into manageable logs , I highly recommend T & H tree Services.
Thank you guys:-)

D. Young

Amazing fellers – 5 trees removed