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TH Tree Surgery

TH Tree Surgery ®, Established in Essex, Kent, Hertfordshire, Suffolk and of course London Since 2005

TH Tree Surgery ® is the trading name of TH Tree Services®, we are limited as TH Trees® Limited at companies house. Tho our LTD is currently inactive. We have been trading under our known as names since 2005.

Why choose TH Tree Surgery?.

Tho our name has been passed off a few times, the reason you check your have the real TH Tree Surgery ® is because since 2005 we have be renowned across East Anglia, the home counties and the entire south east of England for quality, affordable tree care.

For peace of mind we have also trade marked the following trading names:

TH Tree Care®, TH Trees®, TH Tree Services ®, TH Tree Surgery ®

The most important part of our name is TH, its what our customers across the region recognise us by. We operate under TH, followed by known service terms such as tree fellers, tree surgeons, tree cutters etc. Anyone using a similar or confusingly similar name in the UK will be in violation of our trade marks.

See our marks on the UK trade mark register here: First trade mark registration Second trade mark registration


Now protecting a name is one thing, we went a little further and protected our logo, So when you see our logo and our name, it can only be TH Tree Surgery.

TH Trade Marked Logo

TH Trade Marked Logo

TH Tree Surgery ®, what’s in a name?.

Our name is everything to us, we have spent over 13 years building a brand, one our customers trust. Unfortunately we have suffered many sub standard companies attempt to pass off as us. As you can imagine, few match our standard of quality customer service and level of expertise. To allow passing off as us could immeasurably affect our business in a very negative way. It cannot be allowed.

Any one can call themselves TH Tree Surgery®, services, fellers etc etc?

Not true, any company or person who was the first to use a name in commerce has common law rights over that name. To back that right up, trade mark law allows the registration of a name to prevent others stealing it. We have both first use in commence of TH Tree Surgery ®, TH Tree Services®, TH Trees®, TH Tree Care® and first to undertake a trade mark registration.

Both offer real protection from unscrupulous characters who willingly, wilfully and knowingly try to trade of other peoples hard earned reputations.

See our sister website: TH Tree Surgery

T H Tree Surgery

T H Tree Surgery

Above shows our name and business listing from 2012. T H Tree Surgery was first used in 2005, our earliest proof so far is from 2012 and remains in use to this day. Visit the link here T H Tree Surgery

T H Tree Surgery Services, Recognised worldwide.

In the modern day everyone is connected, our company name is recognised across the world, we are contacted daily from people across the world who seek our expert advice.

We have a you tube channel with nearly half a million views, 850+ subscribers. TH Tree Surgery on YouTube

Our Facebook page has over 7k followers TH Tree Surgery on FaceBook

The one thing people recognise us by is TH. People search for us using terms such as th trees, th tree surgery, th tree services, th tree surgeons, th tree cutters etc. We just want the people searching for us, to find us.

Imagine looking for a service and finding a cheap imitation that provides poor service, the customer is harmed and so are we.

So if your want the real TH Tree Surgery® Services, call 01268 642814.

Fantastic service

Polite, professional and tidy.
The team were punctual, very polite, kept me well informed of what they were doing, anything I asked them wasn’t an inconvenience.
Service with a smile and the tidy up job was fantastic too.
I would certainly recommend TH Tree services and happily use them again.

Hi Mrs Easton, thank you for leaving a lovely review. The team are really pleased they come across professional and friendly.

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