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T.H. Tree ServicesⓇ: A Long History and a Trusted Brand

T.H. Tree servicesⓇ started as the smallest concern you can imagine. An old transit van; an ageing wood chipper and an even more ancient pair of chainsaws; all run from T.H. headquarters: aka a somewhat compact 12×12 garden shed.

The thing the budding business did have though was an ambitious and smart young founder, Terry Holland Coppins, who identified there was something missing in the tree services industry. So what was this absent element?

It was customer service! The fact was, so many of the companies Terry worked for tended to fall short where service was concerned, which is why he set out to give the customers precisely what they were missing: an efficient, superior quality, reasonably priced tree service. 




Now, with more than three hundred 5-star online reviews, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, rather than the talking.

An established reputation

T.H. Tree ServicesⓇ started pre-recession and has been growing consistently since. Customers appreciate the helpful office staff; the friendly, knowledgeable tree surgeons who expertly complete the job they promised from the start, leaving the site clear and safe, and the fact they can rely upon the numerous certifications and accreditations that the business has worked so hard to achieve and maintain.

Terry genuinely believes in the legacy of the business, which is why he has registered its various known trading names as official trademarks. This move carries the intention of protecting the reputation built up across the industry and the UK over the past decade and backs the hope that one day, Terry’s young sons might take the reins and push the business to even greater heights. 

Registered names to look out for

If you have been recommended to use T.H. Tree ServicesⓇ or are looking to engage our services based on the reviews you have read online, we urge you to be careful as to the company you are hiring, just in case there are others trading under similar names.

The registered names of Terry Holland Coppins’ T.H. Tree ServicesⓇ which is local authority and Trading Standards approved and established in Essex for more than ten years are as follows:

  • TH Tree ServicesⓇ
  • T.H. Tree servicesⓇ
  • TH Tree SurgeryⓇ

    TH Trade Marked Logo

    TH Trade Marked Logo

  • T.H. Tree SurgeryⓇ
  • TH Tree CareⓇ
  • TH TreesⓇ 

Look out for the distinctive part of the trademark which is the ‘TH’, which is also registered as a logo with the Intellectual Property Office. 

We are keen to protect our reputation, trademarks and good name. Sadly, some tree services providers have tried to pass off as T.H. Tree ServicesⓇ, which we believe is putting people at risk, because they are not receiving the quality they believe they will be getting. For this reason we are taking serious steps to ensure our customers are protected, as is our good name. 

We urge customers to look for the T.H. trademarked logo and trademarked name before engaging any services.

T.H. Tree ServicesⓇ is a company that goes above and beyond the realms of the average tree service company. This is why, pound for pound, T.H. Tree Services is one of the best liked, most highly rated and respected tree surgery services in Essex.

A family-orientated business

Terry TH Trees

Terry Holland, T.H. TreesⓇ

It’s a totally family-orientated business. With Terry the proud father of Harvey Holland aged 3 and Hugo Holland aged 1, he now has a new insight and understanding of what leads to commercial longevity, that being the heartfelt desire to pass on a successful and respected business.

T.H. Tree Services knows through experience what customers want; what they expect to pay and what they need to receive. And on all these points, T.H. Tree ServicesⓇ delivers.

Do you want to deal with a large, faceless tree services company that sends out young, inexperienced, under-qualified workers who really don’t care about you or your trees? Or would you prefer the main man on the job, dedicated to making sure you are taken care of from start to finish?

Terry Holland attends and performs 90 per cent of the work, so you get the highest qualified, most experienced tree surgeon in the company and across Essex for your hard-earned money. The rest of the time, all jobs are undertaken by Terry’s strictly vetted, highly qualified and trained, carefully selected team.

Things will always be done differently at T.H. Tree ServicesⓇ: it is what makes the business stand head and shoulders above the competition. 

If you are looking for a trusted tree services company in Essex, be sure to look out for the T.H. trademarks. Accept no imitations!

Always provide an excellent service

This is the third time TH Trees have provided tree services to us and we are always really pleased with their friendly, professional service and advice. This time we had a conifer and bush removed and another tree cut right back. Always very tidy, would wholeheartedly recommend.

Thank you Sue for recommending us and for your kind review. It is always a pleasure to help you, and we look forward to being of service again in the future whenever you need us.

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