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Is Your Tree Surgeon Really Insured?

Many tree surgeons advertise that they are ‘fully insured’. However, this statement can in fact be extremely vague. In truth, you are only fully insured as a tree surgeon if you hold all the relevant certifications and qualifications.

Unfortunately, it is somehow possible for self-proclaimed tree surgeons without qualifications to get insured, without being checked out for holding the correct certifications. But the thing is, when they go to make a claim, it doesn’t stand up. Bad news for customers who have suffered property damage or personal injury because of unqualified incompetence.

Legal Requirements

In the UK, a professional tree surgeon must by law be competent and certificated to perform each specific task they undertake. For example, if a tree surgeon fells a tree with a diameter greater than 2ft they will need the NPTC (National Proficiency Test Council) CS301 medium and large tree felling certificate.

If someone without this qualification fells such a tree, and it goes wrong causing property damage, personal injury or death, an insurer will void any claim. So if you try to claim against them, they will effectively be uninsured and it will be highly unlikely that they will personally be able to foot the bill for your damages, expenses and any compensation you will be due.

Know the Different Levels of Qualification

Tree surgeons are qualified at different levels. Be aware that not all tree surgeons are qualified for all types of tree surgery. You can read our blog on tree surgeon qualifications to learn more about this.

Remember to check your tree surgeon is fully qualified for the tasks being undertaken on your property. Ask for proof of such qualifications and also ask for a copy of the insurance policy they say they are covered by. Ensure the qualifications match the cover requirements. Just a few minutes spent checking the details could save you a great deal in both money and peace of mind.

Beware: Cheap Tree Surgeons Cut Corners

The old adage, ‘If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is’, is something you should keep in your mind. Whilst here at T.H. Tree Services we strive to offer rates that are competitive, we refuse outright to cut corners. Training to achieve qualifications costs money, as does top of the range, safe equipment and so does keeping it well maintained. Comprehensive insurance comes at a price too, and we can safely say that ours WILL cover us should any issues arise, because we hold ALL the relevant qualifications for ALL tree surgeon tasks.

Bear in mind that cheap tree surgery is likely to leave you liable should an accident occur on your property. If you can’t afford to deal with such an accident, then make sure your tree surgeon is REALLY insured.


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