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Tree & Crown Reduction


Tree Pruning and Tree Reduction in Basildon

As professional tree surgeons, pruning all size and species of trees is one of our most called for services in Basildon. Tree reduction may sound like an easy task but it’s one that is best only ever attempted by a professional tree surgeon. Expert tree pruning in Basildon keeps trees healthy and strong and is an essential part of responsible tree maintenance.

When we undertake tree pruning and tree reduction in Basildon, our experts usually remove between 20-30% of the tree’s height and width of the canopy.  There are many benefits gained from tree pruning that include:

– Keeping the tree healthy by removing any dead wood or diseased parts of a tree, stopping spread and reducing disease
– Making the tree stronger by reducing the leaves to allow strong winds to pass through safely therefore reducing storm damage
– Making the tree tidier and a better fit to the place where it is located
– Reducing light being blocked from nearby buildings, gardens and houses

Tree Reduction in Basildon for Strong Healthy Trees

T.H Tree Services provide many tree surgery services in and around Basildon, tree pruning is one of our most popular.  For the best results we recommend pruning after new spring growth, preferably in the autumn and winter when the tree is dormant.

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We recently had some work done by Terry Holland (T.H.Tree Services)and his team to remove a Rowan tree and prune a very large Viburnum shrub to shape.
They were efficient, quick, hard-working enthusiastic, professional, very knowledgeable and friendly. In fact a faultless 1st class team who carried out a superb top rate job, all remarkably within an hour of starting, clearing and tidying up and at an excellent price.
We certainly would use again and highly recommend.

Christine & Jack Dorling

Tree removal and prune large shrub