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Your Respected Grays Tree Cutting Service

Looking for a tree cutting service you can rely on for professionalism and quality? Our dedicated Grays tree cutting specialists are ready to help.

Whether you are looking to cut back a small tree to boost its growth; maintain a tree so it doesn’t outgrow its surroundings; trim back a tree to boost its health and appearance, or tackle an unruly, overgrown tree that has grown to heights of several metres, T.H. Tree Services has the experience, qualifications and reputation to reassure you from start to finish.

Long Established, Highly Qualified Grays Tree Cutting Experts

For more than 15 years, homeowners, land managers, business owners, local authorities and housing associations have been relying on our tree cutting services throughout Grays and the whole of Essex.

Our Grays tree surgeons hold TEN different N.P.T.C. qualifications in various aspects of arboriculture, and TWO LANTRA qualifications. This means we are qualified to safely and effectively carry out a range of tree care tasks.

In addition, T.H. Tree Services is Trading Standards, local authority and Safe4Site Gold approved. We work to British Standard BS 3998 2010 and comply with a raft of legislation including the Work at Height Regulations, the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act and the Manual Handling Operations. We have maintained a fully unblemished record in all aspects of health and safety and hold £5 million liability insurance.

When you engage the services of a tree surgeon for your tree cutting work in Grays, always be sure to check the qualifications match the work being carried out.

Grays Tree Cutting: All Species and Sizes of Trees Taken Care of

Our Grays tree cutting work covers a comprehensive variety of tree species and sizes. Whether your tree or trees are located on public land, in a private garden, on commercial premises or somewhere considered hazardous such as a railway line or riverbank, the experts at T.H. Tree Services have the knowledge and experience required to deal with them.

Over the past 15 years we have dealt with probably every species of tree common to the UK. Our knowledge of when and how to carry out tree cutting using the correct methods means you can rest assured that your tree will remain healthy.

The following are just a few of the trees we regularly work on across Grays and surrounds:

  • Oak – all types including English or common oak, sessile oak and holm oak – even though oak trees can grow to heights of 40 metres sometimes with a spread of the same width as the height, we can easily tackle any tree cutting needs for what is known as the ‘King of the Forest’
  • Willow – including willows situated adjacent to lakes or ponds, etc. – with their long, cascading branches, it is often useful to carefully cut back willow trees so that they allow people to sit underneath and enjoy the shade. It also allows more light to penetrate and makes it easier to maintain the grounds beneath.
  • Ash – including those affected by the common disease ash dieback – the ash tree can grow to 35 metres in height but this poses no problem for the experts at T.H. Tree Services. If we spot any signs of ash dieback or any other disease this tree is susceptible to when carrying out tree cutting, we will advise you accordingly.
  • Fruit trees – including pear, plum, cherry and apple – fruit trees need regular, expert pruning so they can develop a robust branch structure to enable them to easily support their heavy fruit crops.
  • Conifers and pines – including yew, cedar and Leyland cypress – conifers and pines are well known for growing to soaring heights – sometimes up to 100 metres. Again, thanks to our experience, knowledge and specialist equipment, this is no issue for our experts.
  • Thorny trees and spiky trees – including hawthorn and holly – sometimes tree cutting companies will avoid cutting back trees that pose a natural hazard, but not us. Whatever tree you have in Grays, if it needs cutting, consider it taken care of.
  • Eucalyptus trees – all varieties – including the tallest which can grow to 30 metres in height. The cider gum tree is one of the most common we’ll deal with as it is found in abundance on the Essex coast.
  • Beech trees – including those with significant sized canopies – even if your beech tree has reached a towering height of 30 or 40 metres, we can take care of cutting it back. Regular clipping is good for the beech tree as it helps it keep its leaves year-round, which is great if you use it as privacy hedging.
  • Monkey puzzle trees – yes – we can offer tree cutting services in Grays for your monkey puzzle tree! Not many tree cutting companies will touch the monkey puzzle as it can prove quite a challenge to deal with. But not for us!
  • Other deciduous and evergreen trees – including silver birch trees, hornbeam trees, lime trees, maple trees, sycamore trees, rowan trees, elm trees, whitebeam trees, spindle trees and aspen trees and ornamental and flowering trees such as lilac, magnolia, false acacia (Robinia) and bay laurel.

If you need to identify a tree on your land, our extensive Tree ID pages should prove very useful.

Common diseases affecting trees in Grays

When we carry out Grays tree cutting jobs, part of our work is to check the tree for any signs of disease or decay that could be weakening the branches or affecting the tree’s health.

Some species of trees are more disposed to disease and pest infestations than others. We do not doubt that you have read about some of the most common tree diseases such as ash dieback, chestnut blight, Dutch elm disease and oak decline. The list of common diseases and pests however does not end there.

A crucial part of our Grays tree cutting services is identifying and dealing with diseases, fungi and pest infestations. If you are worried that your tree may be suffering from disease or could be infested, our guide to common tree diseases and pests should prove useful. If you have any concerns at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch for tailored advice.

When to carry out tree cutting in Grays

There are certain times of year when tree cutting is best avoided. First of all, it is the law to refrain from pruning any tree during the bird nesting season, i.e. February to August. We will always check for nesting birds outside of this time, just in case. This rule applies to non-emergency tree cutting work only. If there are dangerous branches present or the tree needs urgent attention due to disease or infestation, then it is permissible to go ahead.

Secondly, it is not advisable to carry out tree cutting during the tree’s active growing season. This is usually late spring to early winter. The reason for this is that during the active growing season, trees will bleed sap when cut. This sap is nectar for a host of bugs, which arrive at the tree for a feast bearing all sorts of disease, which then penetrate the tree and have the potential to wreak havoc. Again, emergency tree cutting can be undertaken any time, but where possible it is always best to leave it until late winter to early spring, in most cases.

We say in most cases, because some tree species do differ from this general rule. Be sure to consult our news and tree ID pages for advice on when to prune your particular tree, or contact us for tailored advice.

You will also need to check the TPO register if your tree is of notable interest. If it is protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) then the amount of tree cutting allowed will be subject to restrictions and you will need permission from your local authority to proceed. This can take up to eight weeks to come through.

For Specialist Grays Tree Cutting you can Rely on, Choose T.H. Tree Services

At T.H. Tree Services we have been specialising in tree cutting Grays wide for more than 15 years. Alongside our long list of qualifications and established and respected reputation, this places us in the ultimate position to look after all your Grays tree cutting needs.

For a free consultation and helpful advice from a qualified Grays tree cutting expert, call T.H Tree Services on 01268 642 814.

Fantastic service

Polite, professional and tidy.The team were punctual, very polite, kept me well informed of what they were doing, anything I asked them wasn’t an inconvenience.Service with a smile and the tidy up job was fantastic too.I would certainly recommend TH Tree services and happily use them again.

Hi Mrs Easton, thank you for leaving a lovely review. The team are really pleased they come across professional and friendly.

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