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Tree Stump Removal


Stump Grinding Chelmsford

When a tree is felled it can still be a hazard or obstacle unless the stump is removed.  A small stump can be a trip hazard while a large one can leave the area where the tree once stood unusable and even pose problems for building foundations. T.H Trees are professional tree surgeons who offer stump removal and stump grinding in Chelmsford and the surrounding areas.

Removing a tree stump is difficult and requires specialist equipment.  We have the capacity and machinery to safely and permanently remove tree stumps and then provide stump grinding. Chelmsford based tree surgeons at T.H Trees are local authority and Trading Standards approved to complete this work and much more.

Stump Grinding in Chelmsford: Lose that Hazard, Gain more Space

Our machinery is suitable for tree stumps ranging from 2 inches to 4ft with a depth of up to 1ft.  The stump is then ground into chips and the hole is filled in with the stump chips. Filling in the hole means the area where the tree was can be re-used and won’t present any trip hazards.

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The professional tree surgeons at T.H Tree Services comply with all Health and Safety guidelines for all tree services including stump grinding Chelmsford wide.

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I contacted TH Tree Services to enquire about removing a silver birch tree that was at the side of my property, but a bit too close to a drain. After sending a photo across to them, a fantastic quote was sent back to me and they said that they could fit my tree removal in the following week!

They arrived cheerful and friendly, and coned off the area quickly. They worked quickly, efficiently and were very professional – whilst maintaining a friendly and approachable manner.

I cannot recommend this company enough! They were on budget, friendly, fast and professional. Excellent service and left the area spic-and-span! I will definitely be using this company again.

Jamie Trott

Absolutely brilliant!