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Bowers Gifford

Storm Damaged Tree Removal Bowers Gifford, Fobbing, Corringham, Stanford le Hope & Linford

If you are worried about a tree on your land being dangerous after a storm or high winds, give T.H. Tree Services a call. It is essential that you follow up on your concerns because if you don’t and a tree falls or sheds branches causing damage or injury, then you could be landed with a big bill, and lots of unwanted hassle.

T.H. Tree Services are at your service for storm damaged tree removal Bowers Gifford wide. We have ten years’ experience and are Trading Standards approved qualified tree surgeons.

Emergency Storm Damaged Tree Stanford le Hope

We offer an emergency tree removal service Stanford le Hope, Corringham and Linford wide. If you need us urgently, rest assured we will do our very best to reschedule other works so the removal of storm damaged trees that are blocking access or posing hazards can be carried out immediately. We work in all weathers where it is safe to do so, and using our experience will always find a solution, even in the most complex of situations.

Fobbing & Bowers Gifford Storm Damaged Tree Removal: Who is Liable to Pay?

Lots of people ask us if they can claim on their insurance for the cost of storm damaged tree removal in Fobbing, Bowers Gifford and surrounding areas. In some cases, the answer is yes. Buildings and contents insurance will usually cover you to remove a fallen tree or branches from your land or a neighbouring property. You’ll normally get paid out to rectify any damage caused too. But if a tree or branches fell but didn’t cause any damage or block access, then generally you will have to cover the cost of its removal. You will have to prove though that you have taken steps to maintain the trees during your ownership of the property or land.

Damage caused to vehicles by fallen trees or branches is normally covered by the motor insurance policy.

Trading Standards Approved Bowers Gifford Storm Damaged Tree Removal

With a decade of experience as tree surgeons, and as a Trading Standards approved, British Standards compliant and LANTRA qualified company, in dealing with T.H. Tree Services you will always have peace of mind that you will get the very best service and fair rates for storm damaged tree removal Bowers Gifford wide. Our comprehensive risk assessments have resulted in us never having to claim on our insurance, and our commitment to ongoing training and investment in the best quality equipment offer further reassurance.

For emergency storm damaged tree removal Bowers Gifford, Fobbing, Corringham, Stanford le Hope & Linford wide, call T.H. Tree Services on 01268 642 814. Fair, affordable rates guaranteed.

We recently used T & H to cut 5 trees down including stumps, I was more than happy with the price and their professionalism, 3 really nice cheerful guys arrived on time, and worked really hard, even cutting up the trees into manageable logs , I highly recommend T & H tree Services.
Thank you guys:-)

D. Young

Amazing fellers – 5 trees removed