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Storm Damaged Tree Removal Benfleet

Suffered a fallen or storm damaged tree? Benfleet resident or owner of land in the area? If you have a tree that’s been damaged or knocked down in high winds then it’s vital to take immediate action. Storm damaged trees in Benfleet can pose a very high risk and have to be handled with the greatest care in a quick time frame by people who are qualified and knowledgeable.

Emergency Storm Damaged Tree Removal Benfleet

T.H. Tree Services are experienced tree surgeons. We are extensively experienced, qualified and have all the necessary equipment to remove storm damaged trees Benfleet wide.

We offer an emergency service in tree removal. Benfleet people can rest assured that whether there is a fallen tree blocking an entry way or posing a danger, or a tree whose branches have become unsafe and could fall at any moment, we will always do everything possible to reschedule our work diary so we can respond urgently and deal with such emergencies.

Benfleet Tree Removal: Any Time, Any Weather

Whether a tree has fallen on public, commercial or private land, no matter what the time of day or day of the week, we will be there.

Even in severe weather, we will still do our very best to attend a fallen or damaged tree issue. Whatever the weather we will always find a solution to deal with storm damaged trees. Benfleet wide it’s what we’ve been doing for 10 years: making trees safe in high winds or removing them so that there’s no danger to people or property.

Trading Standards Approved Benfleet Storm Damaged Tree Removal.

T.H. Tree Services are Trading Standards approved tree surgeons. Benfleet people can therefore have peace of mind knowing we’ve been approved for our experience, qualifications, knowledge, safety and pricing that’s fair and affordable.

Storm Damaged Tree Removal Benfleet: Who Pays?

It’s a common question. Normally you’ll find you’re covered on your buildings and contents insurance, although it does depend on particular circumstances. If a tree has fallen onto yours or a neighbour’s property, you’ll probably be covered to remove it as well as for repairing any damage caused by the tree as it fell.

Usually you’ll also be covered if a tree or branches fall and hit outbuildings. But if the tree hasn’t actually hit anything or isn’t causing a problem by blocking access, you’ll probably have to cover the cost of removing it yourself. If a tree falls on a vehicle, claims will have to be made on the motor insurance policy.

Need Storm Damaged Tree Removal in Benfleet? Call T.H. Tree Services.

We’re on hand for emergency tree removal throughout the week. If a tree has fallen during a storm or in high winds, or you have a tree that’s causing you concern, call the experts at T.H. Tree Services on 01268 642 814. Affordable rates and friendly, helpful service guaranteed.

I contacted TH Tree Services to enquire about removing a silver birch tree that was at the side of my property, but a bit too close to a drain. After sending a photo across to them, a fantastic quote was sent back to me and they said that they could fit my tree removal in the following week!

They arrived cheerful and friendly, and coned off the area quickly. They worked quickly, efficiently and were very professional – whilst maintaining a friendly and approachable manner.

I cannot recommend this company enough! They were on budget, friendly, fast and professional. Excellent service and left the area spic-and-span! I will definitely be using this company again.

Jamie Trott

Absolutely brilliant!