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Thorpe Bay

Local Authority Tree Services Contracts Thorpe Bay

T.H. Tree Services is a ten year experienced Trading Standards approved tree services company based in the Thorpe Bay region and operating throughout Essex. We are British Standards accredited and hold a host of qualifications including N.P.T.C and LANTRA. Our policy and risk assessment pack is comprehensive and we are proud of our unblemished £10 million liability insurance record, together with our untarnished track record in health and safety.

As we are fully approved by a long list of local authorities throughout Essex, T.H. Tree Services offer our complete reassurance of any work being carried out to the highest standards. Couple this with total reliability and the resources to deploy trained and qualified personnel at short notice, and you have a reputable and highly qualified company able to carry out local authority tree services contracts. Essex wide, our client testimonials speak for themselves.

Local Authority Tree Services Contracts Thorpe Bay: How we can Help

We offer a wide range of tree services to local authorities. The following are just examples of the most popular services we can provide:

Tree Pollarding

Popular for roadside trees where the canopies can interfere with high sided traffic such as buses and lorries, pollarding requires us to remove the upper branches and canopy of the tree so that only the main trunk of the plant is left. Pollarded trees will grow still, but at a much slower rate, making them more manageable for local authorities.

Tree Reduction

Tree reduction involves the taking away the outer crown of a tree to allow more light to get through. In situations where between 20 and 30 per cent of the crown needs to be reduced, this is the best option available. If more than this is required then it is better to carry out pollarding instead.

Hedge Trimming

Local authority hedge trimming Thorpe Bay and Essex wide is something which we specialise in. We are happy and able to tackle hedges of any height or length, even the most extensive or those which have become unmanageable, due to our great wealth of experience. We can also offer a service in topiary and ornamental hedge maintenance in public spaces.

Tree Reports

Our professional tree report service is required by local authorities who need to determine the status of a tree. This could be in case it presents a risk when growing on a piece of public land, or perhaps on behalf of insurers or legal representatives. The first step is for us to carry out a visual inspection using specialist equipment to identify and weaknesses in the tree, before issuing an official written report on our findings.

Crown Lifting

In some cases it is desirable to maintain the overall height of a tree, but if the canopy is hanging low it could be interfering with traffic or passers-by. Similarly, it may be that a low crown is blocking light and posing a hazard due to low branches which may become dislodged during a storm or high winds. Our job here is to lift the canopy higher by taking out the lower branches, so that it becomes less of a hazard to people and vehicles in the vicinity below it.

Deadwood Pruning

Trees naturally produce dead wood as part of their growth cycle, but it has to be removed on a regular basis otherwise it can pose a risk of injury or damage to property by falling unexpectedly. For the safety of the general public, it is essential to engage a tree surgeon to carry out deadwood pruning on a regular basis where trees are situated on public land.

Emergency Tree Work

We offer an urgent response service for emergency tree work Thorpe Bay wide. It’s imperative to make safe a site where a tree has been felled or has partially fallen, or is posing a risk of falling branches. This cannot be stressed enough, and therefore our service operates 24/7, 365 days a year. Our expert team are ready to be deployed to deal with any tree emergency across the area, regardless of how complex it may seem at first sight.

Local Authority Tree Services Contracts Thorpe Bay Courtesy of Qualified Tree Surgeons

Whilst we offer a range of services, we don’t of course expect our local authority clients to be the ones to determine which of those services is required. Part of our job is to carry out a site visit, assess the situation and provide professional guidance and advice on the best course of action required.

Our highly committed team strives to provide a supportive service that comes with added value. We are greatly experienced in working with and amongst the public and our clean health and safety and insurance records can offer full reassurance of our professionalism and safety practices. It is these aspect which make us the choice tree surgeons for local authority tree contracts Thorpe Bay and Essex wide.

Expert Knowledge of all Species of Trees

Our tree surgeons are experts who regularly deal with local authority tree services contracts Thorpe Bay wide. As part of our extensive training, we have amassed a great knowledge of all the UK’s common species of trees including native and non-native species such as:

  • Oak Trees
  • Willow Trees
  • Conifer Trees
  • Eucalyptus Trees
  • Cherry Trees
  • Silver Birch Trees
  • Ash Trees
  • Plum Trees
  • Cedar Trees
  • Pine Trees

Regardless of the height the tree has grown to, which in cases such as the conifer can be up to 100 metres, we are able to use our solution finding approach to find the answer to your needs. That answer will always be ‘yes we can’ to any given request!

For a service you can trust for all your local authority tree services contracts Thorpe Bay wide, talk to T.H. Tree Services. Call 01268 642 814. Trading Standards approved, British Standards accredited.

Fantastic service

Polite, professional and tidy.The team were punctual, very polite, kept me well informed of what they were doing, anything I asked them wasn’t an inconvenience.Service with a smile and the tidy up job was fantastic too.I would certainly recommend TH Tree services and happily use them again.

Hi Mrs Easton, thank you for leaving a lovely review. The team are really pleased they come across professional and friendly.

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