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Storm Damaged Tree Rayleigh

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Fallen tree or dangerous branches posing a risk? Whether your trees have been affected by a storm or high winds, or are suffering from a disease or infestation, you can fully rely on our N.P.T.C. and LANTRA qualified, Trading Standards approved tree care specialists with absolute peace of mind that your request will be given top priority.

Tree emergency? Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year on 01268 642 814. Our team will always respond urgently to all requests for emergency tree work Thurrock wide.

Tree Emergencies Thurrock

What is a tree emergency? Anything that causes a dangerous hazard; that blocks access or potentially harms the health or safety of a tree is considered a tree emergency. Here are some examples of tree emergencies Thurrock residents call upon us for:

  • Symptoms of disease, for example ash dieback, Dutch elm disease or oak decline
  • Trees fallen and posting a hazard to safety
  • Partly fallen trees endangering property or pedestrians
  • Trees blocking access to footpaths or public roads
  • Loose branches threatening to fall onto public land or property
  • Trees growing precariously close to overhead cables
  • Diseased or decayed trees that may shed branches or fall without warning

Immediate Response for all Emergency Tree Work Thurrock Wide

We have during our decade and a half in the tree care industry cultivated in-depth experience and the ability to come up with solutions to the most complex issues right there on the spot. We also possess the resources to despatch experts straight away.

On arrival at a tree emergency assignment we first undertake a risk analysis, something we have been doing for many years and which enables us to make timely assessments of the risk level of a job and then formulate practical solutions to deal with them safely.

We are fully focused on safeguarding the public and our team together with nearby buildings and vehicles.

Once the main hazards are secured it’s time for us to undertake an expert assessment of the tree so that we can work out the most appropriate course of action. Where required we will deploy heavy lifting machinery and transport to safely remove any tree that is blocking access or posing a hazard. We understand the importance of working quickly to reduce any disruption to traffic or pedestrians.

We can also carry out remedial work on damaged trees, such as removing branches to make safe the tree.

In advance of leaving the site we carry out a complete inspection of the tree to ensure it is safe and healthy. Our specialist knowledge as qualified tree surgeons means we are able to spot symptoms of any tree disease which may have caused the tree to become hazardous.

Emergency Tree Work Thurrock: All Species of Trees Covered

Our expertise allows us to handle all species of trees as part of our emergency tree work Thurrock wide:

Oak Trees: Including the English or common oak, the sessile oak and the holm oak. This includes the tallest and oldest of oak trees. Whatever their size, we can deal with them.

Willow Trees: Willow trees are often located close to water. Our team and state of the art equipment is regularly called upon to deal with storm damaged or fallen willow trees Thurrock wide that need special access expertise.

Conifer Trees: Yew and Leylandii are renowned for growing up to 100 metres and the cedar tree is well-known for its multiple trunks. None of this proves an issue for our skilled tree surgeons however who often remove exceptionally large trees that have fallen onto the public highway or overhead power lines.

Eucalyptus Trees: These trees regularly shed bark and branches as part of their natural growth cycle, especially during storms or high winds. We are regularly summoned to emergency situations where partly fallen eucalyptus trees are posing a hazard. In a lot of instances we will hard prune the tree to ensure its safety, or remove it altogether where necessary.

Fruit Trees: Fruit trees like cherry, plum, apple and pear that have not been sufficiently pruned may be prone to storm damage. We will always use our expertise to do whatever we can to save a much loved fruit tree if it has been damaged. As qualified tree surgeons this will always remain our priority.

Silver Birch Trees: Even though they can reach heights of 30 metres and put out deep-seated roots, we are able to safely and efficiently deal with any emergency situation involving a silver birch tree.

Ash Trees: The ash tree can live up to 400 years and will usually grow to around 35 metres in height. Sadly they are susceptible to ash dieback which needs to be dealt with in a certain way so as to prevent spores affecting surrounding trees. Of course that is something you can leave in our capable expert hands.

Pine Trees: Pine trees can grow to at least 35 metres in height and, if not regularly pruned, they are prone to becoming very hazardous in high winds, often being felled and sometimes falling onto power lines or roads. We always respond immediately to calls of this nature.

Common diseases affecting trees in Thurrock

When we undertake emergency tree work Thurrock wide, a crucial aspect of our work is to analyse the tree for any symptoms of disease or decay that may have led to the branches weakening or the tree falling.

Some species of trees are more susceptible to disease, fungi and pest infestations than others. You have no doubt heard of the more common tree diseases such as ash dieback, chestnut blight, Dutch elm disease and oak decline, and silver leaf disease that affects fruit trees. Unfortunately there are a great deal more threats to trees than this.

If you are concerned that your tree could be diseased or infested, our guide to common tree diseases and pests should be a good resource for you. If you have any individual worries about your tree do not delay in contacting us for tailored guidance.

For an immediate response to all emergency tree work Thurrock wide, call TH Trees Ltd on 01268 642 814, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We are Trading Standards and local authority approved fully qualified tree surgeons.

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