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Crown Thinning


Tree Crown Thinning Southend

When trees become too thick and heavy it can make it difficult for light and wind to pass through them.  This can cause problems.  If a tree is too dense it can become damaged and furthermore it can be hard to identify diseased or decayed branches.  To help prevent these problems T.H Tree Services recommend crown thinning. Southend expert tree surgeons are on hand to thin the crown of a tree to make them healthier, more balanced, stronger and safer to be around.

Crown Thinning: Southend Experts Reduce Bulk but not Height

Crown thinning Southend wide makes trees stronger by allowing wind and light to pass through the tree rather than meeting with resistance. In strong winds or storms, which our country is no stranger to, this can provide protection for a tree and prevent damage.

When light can be penetrated and air can circulate freely through the tree’s canopy a tree becomes healthier and this is helped dramatically by crown thinning.  Southend tree surgeons T.H Tree Services thin out foliage and remove heavy branches to help the tree retain natural balance and support new growth.

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Crown thinning means a tree can remain at a required height but is able to let the light and air pass through easily.  For tall, mature trees, particularly those in built up areas this is essential for keeping them stronger.  Could your trees benefit from crown thinning? Southend professionals T.H. Tree Services are on hand to help.  Call us today on 01268 642 814.

We recently contacted Terry to remove a large tree stump from close to our patio area. Terry and his team arrived the next day and removed the stump professionally and extremely quickly, he also removed an additional stump for us. We would not hesitate to recommend Terry and his team for a very fast, reliable and reasonably priced service. Five Stars all round. Thank you.


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