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Tree Crown Lifting Basildon

T.H Tree Services are expert tree surgeons who offer a full service in tree maintenance that includes crown lifting Basildon wide. Crown lifting keeps the height of the tree but lifts the branches and foliage to make a clearer path under the tree.  If a tree is becoming a hazard to buildings, passers-by or traffic or is obstructing a clear path, then crown lifting is the right service.

Crown lifting removes the lowest hanging branches from a tree’s crown.  It elevates the height of the tree’s crown but does not reduce the height.  A tree’s shape is maintained too but the trunk is elongated. If a tree’s height is no issue and it’s not causing any concerns but low hanging branches are becoming a problem, then crown lifting Basildon experts T.H Tree Services recommend this as the ideal tree surgery.

Crown Lifting in Basildon for all Sizes and Species

If a tree is obstructing a walkway, road or path, it poses a hazard.  Overhanging branches are dangerous and can cause accidents and injury for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers alike. We offer crown lifting Basildon wide that can be tailored to suit all sizes and species of tree regardless of their location.

Here at T.H Tree Services we’ve been offering crown lifting Basildon wide since 2005.  As a Trading Standards and local authority approved business we offer a professional and reliable service from well-trained and experienced professionals.

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