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Tree pruning

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6 Good Reasons to Prune Your Trees

Tree pruning is so much more than cutting back a few branches. There are in fact many benefits to pruning a tree, from promoting strong growth, to boosting blossom and fruit production and removing damaged and sometimes dangerous limbs, all with the overall aim of enhancing aesthetic appeal and tree health. Join us as we explore six good reasons to prune your trees, and why you need to approach tree pruning in the right way if you are going to protect the look and health of your trees.

Why pruning is so good for your trees

Yes, making your trees look appealing is one reason to prune them. But there is so much more to it than that. Here are six good reasons why tree pruning is vital for optimum health, and safety too.

1.      Tree pruning removes dead or decaying branches

Dead wood removal is an important aspect of tree pruning. Dead branches hinder the growth of healthy branches and root structures, as well as posing a risk of falling at unexpected moments.

Trees burdened with dead, diseased or infested branches pose a considerable risk. In heavy winds or storms, the limbs can easily drop, potentially damaging property or injuring people nearby.

2.      Pruning helps prevent and manage tree disease

When we prune a tree, we are able to detect disease fungi and other types of decay. These issues can all be pruned out, so that the problems don’t spread to healthy branches.

The thinning out of branches out also allows more light to penetrate the tree’s canopy as well as boosting air flow, which helps prevent disease and promote growth.

3.      Blossom and fruit production are promoted through pruning

Pruning trees in the right way can promote more abundant flowering, which will always be good news for pollinators, as well as for those of us who love a beautiful blooming tree in the spring.

Tree pruning also encourages fruit production, leaving it less vulnerable to disease. As well as being pleasing to all us fruit lovers, it’s also great for wildlife too.

Tree pruning

4.      A nicely pruned tree improves the view

When you prune a tree, you get to see more of your surroundings. You also let more light through to the ground below, which expands the natural habitat and encourages growth of lower lying shrubs and flowers.

Densely packed branches can block sunlight, as well as prevent rain from getting to the grass and flowers that are growing beneath the trees, so inhibiting their growth. Regular tree pruning will ensure sufficient sunlight and moisture reach the branches.

5.      Pruning makes for an aesthetically pleasing  tree

A well-pruned tree, when done professionally, can look extremely attractive. Much more so than one that has been left to grow into an unruly state.

Trees that are not regularly trimmed can appear misshapen and unbalanced, with branches sprouting off in all directions.

Think of tree pruning as a regular haircut, with the aim of improving the natural shape of the tree. When the limbs are thinned out and unkempt branches cut back, the whole appearance gets a lift. If you have specifically planted trees to boost the appeal of your property, then pruning on a regular basis really is crucial.

6.      Tree pruning can save a storm damaged tree

If your tree has been damaged in a storm and has been left with broken branches, pruning can help bring it back to life. Storm damaged trees pose quite a risk to safety, so removing any loose limbs will always be beneficial.

Often it is possible to prune a tree that has been the victim of storm damage, rather than remove it altogether, taking out the damaged parts and making safe the remaining branches.

Tree pruning

The importance of proper tree pruning

Pruning trees at the right time and in the correct way is essential, as it is possible to damage a healthy tree through neglect or over-pruning.

Our tree ID pages provide extensive advice on the optimum time to prune your individual tree. But it is always advisable to take professional advice before taking any steps to cut back your trees.

For professional tree pruning, talk to TH Trees Ltd

TH Trees Ltd has been specialising in tree pruning for almost two decades. This, combined with our extensive qualifications and our widely respected reputation, we are in the best position possible to expertly handle of all your tree pruning requirements, whatever the species of the tree, and whatever its size or location.

For a no-obligation consultation and helpful advice from a qualified tree pruning specialist, call TH Trees Ltd on 01268 642 814.

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