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Tree maintenance

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4 Reasons Why Regular Tree Maintenance is Vital

Regular tree maintenance is important. Vital, in fact. Of course, as tree surgeons, we are going to say that. So here to back up our statement are four good reasons why you can’t ignore the fact that your trees need to be properly looked after on a regular basis.

Trees are an evolving entity. They grow, they shed dead wood. If they’re not kept in check, and their health maintained, a lot of things can go wrong. Here are four reasons why investing in professional tree maintenance will never be a false economy.

1. Boosts visual appeal

An attractive tree is a well-maintained tree. Without regular pruning and trimming, a tree can grow to look unbalanced. Branches may sprout in all directions, making them look misshapen. You wouldn’t avoid a regular haircut, and for the same reason, trees need a regular trim.

Regular tree pruning enhances the natural shape of the tree. Thinning out limbs and removing straggly branches benefits the look of a tree, which is especially important in formal gardens, and where trees form an integral part of the landscape. And on that note, unmaintained trees can block views, as well as light.

Tree maintenance

2. Enhances tree health

A lack of regular tree pruning can have a negative impact on tree’s health. If you don’t trim a tree, it can become weak and will have a decreased chance of surviving, especially in challenging conditions such as storms.

Pruning for tree health involves looking for and removing diseased or decayed branches, those that are infested, or any that are preventing healthy growth. This process also boosts air circulation, which is essential for tree health.

Regular tree pruning promotes strength, creates a healthier structure, and lowers the risk of needing future corrective pruning.

3. Promotes new growth

Tree surgeons recommend regular tree pruning to clear problem areas such as weak or diseased branches with a view to promoting new growth.

As you prune away dead wood, so you make way for new shoots to form. And new shoots mean positive growth for the tree. Pruning in the right way at the right time will also enhance blooms of blossom as well as boost fruit crops.

Tree maintenance

4. Prevents health and safety hazards

In December 2021, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reported that they had prosecuted a county council for failing to inspect and maintain trees on a public footpath, leading to the death of a member of the public. An investigation revealed that a mature oak tree, of 12-14 metres in height, had defects from which it was foreseeable that it was likely to fall and cause injury.

The council in question was fined £300,000 and ordered to pay costs of over £13,000.

Tree owners, from private homeowners to local authorities, are legally required to suitably and sufficiently manage the risks and hazards posed by the trees within their responsibility.

Trees that have not been regularly maintained can pose a risk due to dead or diseased branches which can fall unexpectedly. Dead wood pruning is, for this reason, one of the most vital tasks that should be carried out on a regular basis.

Tree maintenance is important: are you adequately maintaining your trees?

Tree maintenance could be anything from crown lifting or crown reduction, to crown thinning and pollarding. Whatever the reason for tree maintenance, it is recommended that you should always engage the services of a qualified tree surgeon. With many years of experience and training, these experts know precisely how to approach tree care in a customised way. They can identify and treat disease, promote future tree health and growth, make sure trees are safe, and ensure they look their visual best.

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