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Dead Wood Pruning Chelmsford

Dead wooding a tree may sound brutal but it is a necessary method of maintenance that helps a tree grow stronger and healthier.  There is another important element to dead wooding too – making trees safer to be around.

As a tree grows it’s natural that some wood dies; it’s not an indication of disease, though it can be of course, it’s a normal part of a tree’s growing cycle.  T.H Tree Services offers professional services in tree surgery which includes dead wood pruning Chelmsford wide.  We will assess a tree to see the extent of the dead wood that needs removing before safely and quickly removing the affected branches.  During our assessment we will check for any signs of disease and unnatural decay too to ensure the overall health of the tree is good.

Dead Wooding in Chelmsford: Making Trees Safe

Aside from making trees healthier, dead wooding also reduces any risk associated with trees that have been weakened with the weight of dead wood.  When branches die they become brittle and susceptible to falling.  This is a real hazard if the dead wood is a large, heavy branch.  Damage to health, vehicles and property can be extensive if hit by heavy fallen branches making dead wood pruning Chelmsford and the surrounding areas wide a necessary part of tree maintenance.

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We recently had some work done by Terry Holland (T.H.Tree Services)and his team to remove a Rowan tree and prune a very large Viburnum shrub to shape.
They were efficient, quick, hard-working enthusiastic, professional, very knowledgeable and friendly. In fact a faultless 1st class team who carried out a superb top rate job, all remarkably within an hour of starting, clearing and tidying up and at an excellent price.
We certainly would use again and highly recommend.

Christine & Jack Dorling

Tree removal and prune large shrub