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Tree Crown Lifting Thorpe Bay

Tree crown lifting Thorpe Bay wide is the ideal solution for those seeking to reduce the size of a tree’s canopy. This could be because it has become an obstruction, is blocking light or has started to become a hazard to passers-by, vehicles or buildings. Tree crown lifting is a favoured method as it allows the height of the tree to be maintained.

Perhaps you are looking to reduce the size of a tree canopy on public land or on private premises. Either way, T.H. Tree Services can be relied upon to deliver a fully insured, highly qualified, local authority and Trading Standards approved service in tree crown lifting. Thorpe Bay wide, householders, business owners and public land operators trust our services.

What’s Involved in Tree Crown Lifting? Thorpe Bay Tree Surgeons share their Knowledge

Tree Crown lifting starts with the lowest branches being taken out from the tree. Thorpe Bay wide this service is highly appreciated as it results in the canopy being higher, with the lower branches removed, making it less hazardous and obstructing. Branches that hang over pathways or public highways can be dangerous to motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and other road users. They therefore must be dealt with so as to avoid injury or damage to property.

If you’re not sure whether it’s for you, tree crown lifting, Thorpe Bay based fully qualified tree surgeons T.H. Tree Services will happily conduct a no-obligation free assessment and consultation to give you their advice.

Specialists in all Species of Tree Crown Lifting

Our Thorpe Bay tree crown lifting specialists have a wide range of experience and expert knowledge of all the common species of trees in the UK including the following:

Oak Tree Crown Lifting Thorpe Bay

Our expertise in oak tree crown lifting is acknowledged Thorpe Bay wide. The most commonly known tree in Britain, the English oak is officially known by its Latin name Quercus Robuin. The oak will often grow to heights in excess of 20 metres and often up to 40 metres. Coupled with the fact they have such wide canopies which are supported by strong branches, they can seem formidable, but our expertise in oak tree crown lifting means no job will ever prove an issue.

Willow Tree Crown Lifting Thorpe Bay

Of the 400 species of willow tree, whose name comes from the Latin Salix meaning ‘sallow’, many are known to grow to around 10 metres in height and can the species can live up to 300 years. We can proudly claim to have long term experience in dealing with willow tree crown lifting. Willow trees are characterised by their wide hanging canopies, meaning that handling willow tree crown lifting does call for specific tree surgeon knowledge. Thanks to our long term and wide ranging experience as qualified tree surgeons, we are able to offer help with this service.

Conifer Tree Crown Lifting Thorpe Bay

Conifer trees are renowned for growing to towering heights, often up to 100 metres. Of the Latin Pinophyta, there are various types of conifer including yew, pine, cypress and Douglas fir. If you have any type of conifer on your land, whether as a hedge or perhaps just one or two individual trees and they need their crowns lifting to let light through, you can depend upon our expertise to safely take care of it all. Even where confiders have grown particularly tall or bushy, our Thorpe Bay conifer crown lifting specialists will find a solution to tackle them.

Eucalyptus Tree Crown Lifting Thorpe Bay

A beautiful evergreen variety, the eucalyptus tree is a species which needs regular coppicing and pollarding, before it becomes unsuitable for small spaces such as residential gardens. Left unkempt the eucalyptus tree will grow to quite a height and is prone to shedding bark and branches. If you have a eucalyptus tree you’ll therefore realise the importance of having any dead wood removed on a regular basis as well as arranging to have its crown lifted. Our Thorpe Bay eucalyptus tree crown lifting service is safe, efficient and cost effective.

Cherry Tree Crown Lifting Thorpe Bay

Cherry belongs to the Prunus family of trees, one of numerous fruit bearing species across Europe. Cherry trees can grow to become quite wide and often up to 10 metres high. Mostly known for their tasty fruit and attractive cherry blossom, the down side is they can easily become unkempt and hard to manage if not regularly attended to. If a cherry tree on your land needs its canopy lifting, we can offer the expertise required for a safe and cost effective service as specialist Thorpe Bay cherry tree crown lifting specialists.

Silver Birch Crown Lifting Thorpe Bay

Another UK native species, the silver birch tree is of the Latin Betula Pendula. It can grow to 30 metres high and is well known for its light canopy. Don’t let its light canopy put you off from regular tree crown lifting, however, in order to prevent light being blocked and to allow wind to pass through. If you have a silver birch tree that needs its overhanging canopy dealt with, you can depend upon our Thorpe Bay silver birch tree crown lifting specialists to do so in a timely and safe manner.

Ash Tree Crown Lifting Thorpe Bay

Ash trees, of the Latin Fraxinus Excelsior, are native to the UK. They have a long life of up to 400 years which can be extended further still if they are professionally coppiced. They have a height of approximately 35 metres, and the ash tree is known for its tall and elegant appearance. It’s common for them to grow together to form a domed canopy. If you have an ash tree in Thorpe Bay that needs its crown lifting, you can depend upon the qualified expertise of T.H. Tree Services to carry out the job professionally and at a competitive rate. Even if you have a row of ash trees that need crown lifting, we can carry out the task with our specialist ash tree crown lifting service Thorpe Bay wide.

Plum Tree Crown Lifting Thorpe Bay

The plum tree comes from the family known as Prunus Domestica, the same family which claims the damson and greengage fruits. Plum trees are not a species native to the UK, but are still fairly common on our shores. They do not grow to great heights and can be identified by their straight branches and spiny twigs. If you have a plum tree that needs its canopy lifting, ask us to assist. Our qualified Thorpe Bay plum tree crown lifting specialists are experts in caring for a vast range of the UK’s common tree species.

Cedar Tree Crown Lifting Thorpe Bay

Cedar trees are common in the UK but are originally native to the Lebanon, eastern parts of the Mediterranean and areas of Asia. Of the Latin, Cedrus Libani, you’ll find the added benefit with these trees of wood that acts as a natural insect repellent. Cedar trees tend to grow to around 35 metres tall and have a distinctive look created by their multiple trunks. Regardless of their extraordinary shape, our Thorpe Bay cedar crown lifting specialists have the knowledge to tackle the lifting a cedar tree’s canopy with ease.

Pine Tree Crown Lifting Thorpe Bay

There are various different species of pine trees including the Scots pine which is one of the most common and one of three pines native to the UK. The Pinus Sylvestris as it is known in Latin usually grows to heights of approximately 35 metres and will often live for up to 700 years. Despite the lofty height of the pine tree, the specialist Thorpe Bay pine tree crown lifting experts at T.H. Tree Services are able to take on the entire task with complete expert knowledge and a timely manner. Even if your pine tree has grown to a significant height and you may fear that it’s out of control, please do not worry as we possess the knowledge, manpower and experience to deal with it safely.

For a no obligation estimate on tree crown lifting Thorpe Bay wide, call T.H. Tree Services on 01268 642 814.

Fantastic service

Polite, professional and tidy.The team were punctual, very polite, kept me well informed of what they were doing, anything I asked them wasn’t an inconvenience.Service with a smile and the tidy up job was fantastic too.I would certainly recommend TH Tree services and happily use them again.

Hi Mrs Easton, thank you for leaving a lovely review. The team are really pleased they come across professional and friendly.

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